Tea Party Book Party

Before announcing author Laura Ingraham at her book signing Saturday, Memphis Tea Party president Mark Skoda had a few things to say about the dust up with the NAACP.

Skoda recounted his CNN interview where he discussed the racism charges made against the Tea Party with Hillary Shelton, a representative from the NAACP.

“I invited them to meet with Tea Party people” to attempt a dialog, Skoda said. Later “CNN called me back and said they got a ton of positive email” about the exchange, more than their usual amount.

He then went on to introduce Ron Ramsey, Tennessee gubernatorial candidate, who said he was “flattered to have Tea Party support. We (the U.S.) are teetering,” he continued. “Do we want to be the freedom loving people we have been or more like Europe? ”

Also present were other candidates including Charlotte Bergmann, who is hoping to win the race for Tennessee’s 9th Congressional district. I wish she had been given time to say a few words. It was puzzling.

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