Wave Bye Bye

So how did we do last night?

We didn’t hit 100 in the House and we didn’t take back the Senate. Disappointed?

There is no reason to be. It was a big wave, hurricane, tsunami, wipe-out, disaster for the Democrats.

Although we still don’t know the exact number of seats we won because they are still counting ballots in some places, we have at least 63, which far outshines the 1994 victory. And we are still talking about what a massive win that was.

Not to go all “best of all possible worlds” Candide on you, but consider this comment from Democrat Pat Caddell. He believes it is the worst possible outcome for the Democrats. I concur. Now the Democrats will still own responsibility for their actions (or inactions) with Barack Obama in the executive branch and the Senate with Harry Reid at its helm. From how I see it, that means Republicans in the House can propose big and popular ideas that Obama and the lefty senators will not want to embrace. That sets us up for a promising 2012.

For new Speaker of the house John Boehner, he’ll also have a larger majority in the House than Republicans had in the previous 12 years they were in power. The Blue Dog Caucus was cut in half. I only wish more of the quislings had fallen, but I’m happy to see Travis Childers and Gene Taylor of Mississippi fall. A great number of others who supported the Health Care reform lost as well.

In the Senate we defended every seat up for election. That is not a small accomplishment, plus adding 6-7 new ones. Looking ahead to 2012, Republicans will only have to defend 10 Senate seats (with one problematic) while the Democrats must keep 22 (10 problematic).

We got a 55-39 advantage with independent voters. We won more than 23 legislatures. Democrats lost their majority in governorships. All this bodes well for census redistricting for the GOP, with effects that we’ll enjoy for a long period of time.

California was a big disappointment. But those citizens have now signed their own economic death sentence. I don’t think the rest of the country wants to pony up for the union-heavy, benefit laden civil servants (think Bell, Ca.), pension problems and education and medical care for illegal immigrants. With Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer they can now twist in the wind. Had Meg Whitman won, she would hardly have been able to pull the state out of the deep hole it’s in within 4 years. Let’s leave it to Jerry Brown to suffer through that one.

By the way, Californians actually voted a dead person into office. Jenny Oropeza will not be able to serve and they will have to have another election to get her off the ballot. Talk about Zombie Democrat voters! Hard for common sense Republicans to make headway in that kind of climate.

Other big wins for our side: Maine’s legislature went deep red, a shift they have not seen there in 100 years. North Carolina’s legislature went GOP for the first time since 1876. Wisconsin, and New Hampshire flipped to the GOP by a wide margin. Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Montana and Colorado saw their state houses go Republican.

Minnesota Republicans took the House and Senate which had not happened since 1974. Also in Minnesota Chip Cravaack took the seat from Democrat stalwart Jim Oberstar in a district we hadn’t had since 1946.
Already red Texas went so red that the GOP no longer needs Democrats to get state constitutional amendments out of the state legislature.

Some well deserved comeuppances sweetened the wins, too.

Armed Services committee chairman Ike Skelton, a long time Democrat from Missouri, lost his seat. Bob Etheridge, the North Carolina Democrat who assaulted a student interviewing him, went down. Alan Grayson of Florida who reccommended Republicans’ health care ideas boiled down to “die quickly” lost his race.Tom Perriello of Virginia who Obama campaigned hard for, lost. So did Paul Kanjorski, and Baron Hill.

Republican Ben Quayle easing won a seat from his district in Arizona. Remember his ad clling Obama the “worst president in U.S. history?” Doctor Dan Benishek took Bart Stupak’s Michigan seat.

Good as all this is, we also have a large number of rising candidates on the horizon. Marco Rubio, new senator from Florida; Kristi Noem, now a congresswoman from South Dakota; John Kasich, new governor of Ohio; join other heavyweights such as Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Sarah Palin, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Indiana congressman Mike Pence as great future leaders. I don’t see any such bull pen ready for the Democrats, heavy with Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and Barney Frank.

I think that car President Obama is driving might have to have a new look. We can “come for the ride” but now we certainly aren’t going to have to “sit in the back.”

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