Catholic Vote Rebound

In Tuesday’s election the GOP won the Catholic vote by 53% to the Dems 45%. In 2008 the GOP lost the Catholic vote by 10 points, so this is an 18 point rebound. The Catholic vote has always been an indicator of the winner. True pro life Republicans won three seats that supposedly pro life Democrats who voted for the health care bill held: Bobby Schilling beat Phil Hare in Illinois 17; Sean Duffy beat David Obey in Wisconsin 7; Dan Benishek won the seat held by Bart Stupek in Michigan 1. In South Carolina Catholic Mick Mulvaney ousted Nancy Pelosi’s Budget Chairman Jack Spratt who had been in office since 1983. In Virginia Catholic pro life candidate Robert Hurt beat Tom Perriello. Perriello founded the liberal group Catholics in Alliance for the Public Good, a group that justified Catholic support for abortion and the health care bill. Dan Lipinski, a Democrat from Illilnois and a Catholic who refused to vote for the health care bill, won reelection.

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