Us vs. Them

A conversation with a liberal relative about the new Republican Congress unexpectedly revealed the core difference in our philosophies.

Discussing what would be the first things they should do, I answered to extend the Bush tax cuts, permanently, and to repeal the health care “reform.”

The tax issue goes to show what our schools have been up to for such a long time. Arthur Laffer, the Laffer curve, the idea that allowing businesses to grow brings in a larger tax base than punishing the high income segment, who are fewer and apt to find tax havens anyway, did not register. Perhaps I should have asked who makes more, the entrepreneur who sells a dollar gadget to millions of people or a salesman who might only be able to sell one high ticket item? Then apply that to taxes. That extrapolation seemed outside his thought training.

As for health care, which he conceded is flawed, the response was that repealing it simply would not be enough. If they don’t do something, i.e. create new agencies, write new bills, establish something, the Republicans will lose in the next election.
But I don’t want them to do anything like that. Our conservative Republican beliefs call for government to be reduced and to get out of our lives as much as possible. Only a libertarian would reject the need for some governmental oversight and regulation, need for defense and police or need for a few government agencies.

Then again the operative word is few. I don’t want the government to tell me how much income I can keep, which doctor I can see, which kind of lightbulb can be in my house, what kind of fuel I can use and how much, or where my children go to school.
In the liberal mind this is all a plus. I can’t decide for myself. If I do, I will make the wrong choice because human nature, particularly American human nature, is selfish and greedy.

I don’t think so and our founding fathers didn’t think so.

If the Congress undoes what Obama has done; if they restore power back to the states and to its citizens; if they stay out of my life so I can live each day without wondering what they are doing next; then the new Republican Congress will have been a great success in my eyes.

Doing nothing is, in essence, doing something. We need a lot more nothing to unleash the great American spirit and let us fulfill our destinies.

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