Tehran in Greenwood, Mississippi

Think Sharia law can’t come to the American South?

In Greenwood, Mississippi, the Islamic Republic of Iran is putting down roots in our health care system.

According to an article in the July 1 issue of AARP’s “Bulletin,” while Congress was lurching towards a Health Care Reform bill, the National Institute of Health and Iran’s ministry of health organized a tour of Iran’s health care system. They focused on looking at “health houses” in rural Iran with an eye towards implentation in the Mississippi Delta.

These health houses use villagers trained to provide basic services and take care of sanitation, water testing and environmental projects, according to writer Joel K. Bourne. They are supervised by doctors at a regional health center and care for 80 percent of cases. Prevention is part of their mandate, too.

The article mentions Greenwood, Belzoni and Mound Bayou as places where the Iranians have taken a look.

“Despite its reputation in America as an international pariah with an infamous human rights record – part of former President George W. Bush’s  ‘axis of evil’ – Iran has won kudos from the World Health Organization for its innovative primary health care system,” Bourne writes. Well, yes, there is that little quibble we have with them about undermining our culture, obtaining nuclear weaponry and destroying Israel.

Not a problem, continues health care consultant James Miller.

“Yes,” he says, “Iran is a rogue nation. But if the Iranians came up with a cure for cancer, would we not use it just because we dislike their leaders?”

Seems like an enormous non sequitur to me; do you trust people with your life who ultimately want to annihilate that life? I choose no.

It doesn’t seem like a leap to me from infiltrating our health care system to infiltrating our legal system from a country that feels strongly about pushing Shariah law on the rest of humanity. Should we give Iran a foot in the door of our country? Can we trust them in anything? It’s shocking that it is even considered.

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