Golden State Tarnished

What are Californians thinking? Last Tuesday they accelerated their state’s decline, and to use the analogy President Obama favors, gave the keys back to the same reckless people who got it there.

On November 2, voters did not oust a single incumbent state legislator. They re-elected Democrat Barbara “worked so hard” Boxer. They rejected a Republican gubernatorial candidate savvy in business and economics for Jerry Brown, who, some say, launched this spending spree. They elected Gavin Newsom, the uber liberal San Francisco mayor, as their lieutenant governor. They voted in favor of a jobs killing green plan. The only red in their electoral preferences is not Republican red but red ink.

This is all fine and good if that’s what the state wants, but unfortunately for them, the rest of us don’t. And the rest of us are where their money came from and will come from.

The federal government is providing California with $40 million a day to cover their unemployment payouts. One out of 8 Californians is currently unemployed. In addition, they already owe $8.6 billion. The $362 million that they are supposed to pay next September is nowhere in sight.

Perhaps the voters figured Democrats would give them a waiver and that the rest of us will happily comply.
Somehow, I don’t think Mr. and Mrs. Middle American Taxpayer agree. Many states have balanced their budgets and their residents understood that some belt tightening would happen. But nobody wants to tighten their belt for someone carelessly enlarging theirs.

Seems California will have to reach rock bottom before any progress can be made there. But the rest of us don’t have to go with them.

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