Michelle Antoinette

Life’s a party and a feast for First Lady Michelle Obama.

On their vacation to Maine she and President Obama dined on lobster, while the kids had a shrimp basket (no worries about the fried food?) then went on to an ice cream shop. But you regular Americans should vacation in the Gulf and watch your cholesterol.

And don’t forget Bo, their Portuguese water dog (didn’t Obama commit to getting a rescue dog?). Bo had no worries about missing the family since he was flown in his own plane by himself, except for a few aides, to Maine to greet the family. Hmm, wonder how he likes his steak?

Tonight, the Obamas will throw a party featuring Broadway luminaries such as pianist Marvin Hamlisch and actor Nathan Lane so getting back to business after their trip won’t be too tough a task. And, they seem to have settled in to a weekly Wednesday night party for hundreds so they can make it to hump day. With only four vacations since April, relaxation should be a priority, don’t you think?

The only parallel I don’t see between Michelle and Marie Antoinette is she certainly will never say “let them eat cake.”

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