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A previous post, “Explosive Reports” talked about the war between the Democrats and President Obama. An insider, who calls himself Ulsterman, has given an interview at Newsflavor. He talks about the scandal(s) that are out there for the Democrats. A note of caution: It is always dubious to rely on anonymous sources. However, no one working in the Obama administration would want to come out and be quoted on what’s really happening there or risk the wrath of powerful, ruthless people. Take it in context. By that I mean that snippets or headlines you see have already given support to some of what he says.

After the November 2 election, Ulsterman was asked about the scandal. “Is it still out there?” the interviewer asked.

“Yeah, of course it’s still out there…There have been a few more media reports circling the situation. As is most often the case, one investigation will open up another and then the snowball takes off down the hill. That is starting to happen now. It’s big. It’s messy. And if it gets back to the White House, it sill be a very significant problem for the administration. It is my understanding that they are already working very hard to distance the president. That is what always happens, but once it’s happening, it also confirms that there really is an issue out there.”

Interviewer: “So the scandal might not actually reach the president?”

“I think it will and so do others aware of the situation.”

Interviewer: “Are Republicans aware of it?”

“Oh yeah. At least certain members are and likely some who have very specific details. It is no casual thing to have incoming members of a new House majority telling the media that the White House needs to make certain it doesn’t start shredding documents…well, that’s about as bold a declaration as one makes in this town. Those Republicans are making it clear to the Obama White House that they know something – and are willing to go after them over it. I just don’t think President Obama fully understands or appreciates what is coming at him in 2011…I’m not exaggerating when I say it might very well break his presidency.”

What is it?

Darrell Issa, the California congressman, will be in charge of the House Oversight Committee. He has already said he intends to pursue several issues. Stimulous, Health Care Reform, Fannie and Freddie, and Voter Intimidation are just a few he mentioned.

Could it have to do with deals made by Nancy Pelosi and certain Congressmen for them to get on board with the Health Care bill? Would it have to do with Blagoevich’s dealings on the vacated Senate seat? Is that why Rahm Emanuel left the administration to return to Chicago and make sure everything is covered for President Obama?

Consider, also, the number of people close to Obama who have exited his staff. Do they know something?

As I said yesterday, something’s afoot.

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