Canada, Soros and Oligarchs

Isn’t it interesting that Canada’s main trade broker, Chrystia Freeland, has connections to billionaire progressive, U.S. hating crazy George Soros?

Apparently so does Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as seen in this picture of the three of them.

It’s interesting to know this in context of Canada’s insistence on the crummy NAFTA deal. While Mexico has struck a deal with us, Canada hasn’t and may not.

Here’s some interesting background on Ms. Freeland via John Helmer at the Russia Insider a year ago:

A Toronto newspaper has revealed that Canada’s leading Russia hater, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, had a deal with George Soros to write his biography after she had lost her journalist jobs at the Financial Times and Reuters, and before she started her run for election to the Canadian parliament.

On August 16 (2017) the Toronto Globe and Mail reported Soros is a “close friend” of Freeland, and that with her he has “very great hopes for Canada”. Before she decided to run for parliament, the newspaper says Freeland had a “deal” for “a sort of authorized biography of George Soros”. Soros’s spokesman in New York, Laura Silber, refused to answer repeated questions last week for clarification of the terms of this deal or the compensation Soros agreed with Freeland.

Freeland’s first filing to the Canadian parliament’s ethics watchdog was registered on May 1, 2014. There is no mention of Soros, but there is “income received under a book collaboration agreement with an individual”. Freeland refused last week to identify that individual by name.

In her parliamentary filing on income and assets Freeland also mentions “speaking fees and honoraria” she received for “10th Annual Yalta Meeting, Yalta, Ukraine”. That’s a roundabout way of reporting that Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk’s eponymous foundation paid Freeland for her participation in the annual conference of his Yalta European Strategy (YES), an expensive lobbying effort to drive Ukrainian membership of the European Union and combat the Russian alternatives. At the conference for which Pinchuk paid Freeland, others on the tab included Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair.

Funny how many roads lead back to Soros and how many on the Left are associated with oligarchs.

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