How to Win Elections Without Really Trying

In an election, parties, candidates, good and bad campaigns, voter enthusiasm, advertising, messaging, media; put it all aside and learn this: He who draws the lines determines the winners.

In an excellent article at Pajamas Media, blogger Zombie makes this claim. Ever look at a political map and wonder how a district can reach from part of a city and then extend about a hundred miles south and even take an odd turn or two? Or how a country can be conservative and be dubbed center right while our politicians deliver liberal policies and laws?

It wasn’t by accident, but by the ruling party determining how they can pick voters in areas that will give them a majority, no matter how ridiculous it seems geographically.

It’s not a new phenomenon, but started early in our history, 1812 in fact. Zombie details the origin of the word “gerrymandering” and describes how it’s done. He also goes on to explain why the Republican victory November 2 can gives us advantages that last a decade and how 2010 and Democrat gerrymandering backfired on them in 2010. Here’s the link:

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