What Does Trump Know?

I’m struck with how calmly and fairly President Trump has been to the accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

So has Sean Hannity, which is a deviation from his usual full out attack mode. Hannity is tight with the President, too; he would have inside knowledge and follow what the administration wants.

This attitude suggests to me that President Trump knows something about the whole affair. He must know that the accuser is going to crash and burn when – or if – she appears before the Senate. Kavanaugh must have something up his sleeve as well. He was at the White House for a long visit yesterday. I imagine they planned their strategy.

Here are two comments I found that sum up the situation:


She does not remember the date.
She does not remember the location.
She does not remember how she got there or got home again.
She does not know the names of anyone else at the party.
She never told anyone about it at school.
Her only “witness” says it never happened.
Her recollection of the event disagrees with notes taken by her shrink.
Her students describe her as “crazy”.
They also describe her as an angry SJW.
She thinks Trump voters are worse than “deplorable”.
She shopped her story to WaPo before going to Feinstein.
Then clamed she wanted anonymity.
That’s a lot of stink.

And another that hints at the strategy:

We should be thankful for DiFi and Schumer.. they´ve chosen a strategy they cannot win at.

1) It won´t work
2) It forces red state dem senators to choose party over their constituents 2 months before the election
3) It makes us (and many Americans) very angry
4) Even if they succeed in delaying until after the election with a dem senate majority McConnell would have a vote before January.

They´ve painted themselves in a corner. They cannot win.

I concur.

Another sure thing is that Amy Coney Barrett, a runner up in this last Supreme Court justice search, has a pretty good chance of getting the next nod.

The Dems would not be able to draw from their popular sex abuse #MeToo playbook with a woman.

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