The Trump Prophecies

In the summer of 2016 I came across a story about a man who adamantly believed that Donald J. Trump would be president.

It wasn’t a widely held opinion at that time, nor was it an opinion. He believed it because he revealed that he had been told this by God.

There are people all the time who claim that God has spoken to them on a variety of topics. However, this man seemed different to me and a lot of others.

He recounted how he was watching television in 2011 and Donald Trump came on the screen. He really didn’t know much about Trump, but a voice said to him, “You are hearing the voice of a president.”

That man was Mark Taylor and he has written a book recounting his story called “The Trump Prophecies.

I came upon the book after finding out there is a movie about his story and it will be shown in Memphis October 2 and 4 at the Paradiso. The 200 page book is a quick and interesting read.

If you are not a religious person, you will be inclined to dismiss his account as a nutcase’s ramblings. If you are a believer, you will understand the fight that is raging between good and evil in our country right now and how God would want to intervene.

If you are not a religious person, you will wonder why such an insignificant person as a former firefighter from Florida would be chosen as the one to receive His messages. But you might be forgetting that God often chooses unlikely people (like Trump) to do his will. Certainly St. Peter wouldn’t have fit the profile of the perfect evangelizer or apostle; nor would David have been chosen to lead Israel. In this regard, I have no problem with believing an average American was told prophecies.

Although Trump did not run in 2012, as Taylor had thought, he recounts that God told him to wait for the time when there would be a Triple Crown winner as a sign. Taylor was told that as with Triple Crown winner Secretariat, “There’s another one coming, a horse, a great champion, that I have created, greater than the champions before him, for the champions before him were great, but this one will be greater…For this horse shall be a sign to my Church for the time they are in. He will also represent my Church in the spiritual realm. They will run and not get tired; they will see and do things they have never done or seen before, for this generation will be great champions for my Kingdom.”

To the skeptical, a horse race as a sign might seem silly, but what is an election but a race where political thoroughbreds are up against one another?
American Pharaoh did go on to win the Triple Crown in 2015, finishing faster in the final quarter dash than record holder Secretariat.
Taylor notes that the race was run on June 6, D-Day, a significant battle in World War II. Ten days later Trump announced he was running for president. The name American Pharaoh also can be considered a reference to Trump and his leadership. The name Donald John Trump, according to his research, means “World Leader under the grace of God whose leadership will excel, surpass and outdo in Triumph.”

Taylor has many other interesting things to recount. Some refer to the Justice system, which Taylor sees as being almost overwhelmed by evil. He recounts how he felt in a vision a “demonic and very powerful entity” in the court room. It will be a big fight to overcome the evil, but he believes Trump will appoint 5 Supreme Court Justices who will enable this.

As we see events playing out in the Kavanaugh case, his words are validated. Taylor wrote the book a year ago in 2017.

Similarly, the corruption revealed in the Russian dossier, again which happened before most of the book was written, validates him because this is an issue God discussed. God indicated he would “completely transform the justice system” and rid our institutions of corrupt men.

His co-author, Mary Colbert, takes a section of the book to describe how she met Taylor and her own experiences with him and his prophecies. One result was a massive prayer group via telephone that connected to pray daily before the election. On election day, they asked people to blow the shofar, a ram’s-horn trumpet used by ancient Jews in religious ceremonies and as a battle signal.

Something worked, as we all know and produced a political miracle.

I enjoyed the book and it leaves you with a feeling of liberation and joy. The liberation comes from knowing that, according to Taylor, that God is in charge and has promised the United States will have a joyous future with the best yet to come.

If you consider that the Triple Crown presaged a victory in the presidential election, it is promising to consider that this year we had a Triple Crown winner, too, in Justify. Take into account that name as well. The midterm elections may turn out to be another victory for us.

Again, this book will appeal to people with a certain belief system. Others will not credit it. It’s up to the reader to decide. It is $15.95 at Amazon, so you can judge for yourself.

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