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Yesterday’s bombshell report that Rod Rosenstein discussed wearing a wire around Trump and that they might invoke the 25th amendment, has a lot to digest in it.

It’s evident that the chaos that exists is in the DOJ and FBI.
There was an interesting set of comments from former Fox reporter Adam Housley on Twitter concerning the FBI. Here’s what he wrote and the time frame:

When I broke the FBI story I said it wasn’t political it was about power and while there has always been a power issue at the Bureau, it had gotten significantly worse. Agents were being punished for standing up. I also said months ago if McCabe was fired he’d take others.
9:17 PM – Sep 21, 2018

Many agents…damn good men and women serving in the Bureau and some who were forced to leave or retired in time…are watching how this plays out. Grab the bag of popcorn. Oh and B….wherever you are…I was right…you shoulda listened.
9:20 PM – Sep 21, 2018

I can report this all now. There were about 18 people that we know of so far. A clique. They were the ones meeting and I’m told Wray didn’t know about the meetings. One was the right before McCabe testified. Republican or Democrat didn’t matter it was all about power
9:27 PM – Sep 21, 2018

I’m told Wray confronted Congressman while defending McCabe…it got heated. When the info was finally presented to him he left abruptly and then confronted McCabe at the Bureau…that didn’t go well.
9:29 PM – Sep 21, 2018

That’s the question. I’m told Comey liked being the face and let McCabe run the show. It sure how much Comey knew, but agents had issues in 2012 and 2013 RT @jray_redfever: @adamhousley Wray didn’t know…. but did Comey ?
9:41 PM – Sep 21, 2018

I know a bunch of agents and former agents. This was internal and about power.
9:43 PM – Sep 21, 2018

It was all about the club. Were you in it…or not.
9:50 PM – Sep 21, 2018
Im told Wray supported McCabe strongly and was even defiant at the meeting on the Hill. Then when he saw and heard the info he had no choice and wasn’t happy with those who told him and also McCabe.
9:52 PM – Sep 21, 2018
Many agents haven’t spoken about their concerns because Republican leaders have offered no protection, Dems think it’ll help the Pres and Wray they aren’t sure about
9:55 PM – Sep 21, 2018
An agent who stood up to this clique 2012/13 timeframe “I have been told by numerous people to watch my back. It was an uneasy feeling in DC. Did what I had to do but had to look over my shoulder the entire time. I took taxis when I normally would walk. I felt very exposed.”
10:04 PM – Sep 21, 2018

In no way am I saying Wray is or was a bad guy. Don’t know that. Do know the interaction when he found out about McCabe and the agents feel for him. Many like him…but they have to know they’ll be protected.
10:07 PM – Sep 21, 2018

The massive amount of agents are doing essential work every day. RT @tracygirl58: @adamhousley I hope the rank and file of the FBI realizes that most of mainstream America still respects their work and does not think they are corrupt.
10:08 PM – Sep 21, 2018
People know way more than I’ve heard. My info comes from the Bureau. They’re talking now. RT @sandiegodavo: @adamhousley Be safe, Adam.. People have died for less recently. Be careful.

A ton of agents were hoping David Bowdich would move up and eventually take over. Heard his name over and over as “the rank and file think he could be the guy to get us back on track”. Problem is…uncertainty over FBI leadership and direction. Is he independent of it?

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