The Toll on the Citizens

It’s not just Judge Kavanaugh whose life has been caught up in the maelstrom of Democrat anger and fury at a conservative. He’s borne the brunt for sure as has his family.

So has the nation. The whole process is dragging our country into their muck. The Constitution is under attack and so is our judicial system. The Democrats are making a mockery of it all by hurdling over all the rules to slip some made up stories in the mix after all the hearings ended.

If you have paid even the slightest of attention to all this you feel the stress and the worry too.

And over what?

An inane and absurd story by a fabulist woman? You, like me, have probably asked yourself how we could get in such an absurd place.

Dr. Ford can’t remember the year of the incident or the location. She doesn’t know how she got to this imaginary house or how she got home. She didn’t tell anyone about it? Her parents didn’t notice something was amiss? She was out drinking and partying at 15? Even a derelict parent would have noticed a disheveled kid who came home late, was upset and perhaps crying.

Ditto on the even more ridiculous Julie Sweatnik claims. Rape trains at whose house? Ten times? Where were the parents all those hours? No one noticed a party had taken place? And to go back ten times as a college student to a high school gathering as she said she did? Who would do that?

How would 15 year olds plan and get away with all this? Were they teen masters of crime? How would you keep everybody silent about such a large and evil event?

You wouldn’t, they couldn’t and it didn’t happen.

Watching a man’s life being destroyed took a toll on all of us. Many said women were the most outraged for Judge Kavanaugh. I believe that to be true.

When the Democrats got down to how many beers Kavanaugh consumed in high school or the dark meaning of “alumnus” vs. the proper word alumna for a girl you knew they were losing.

Senator Feinstein’s denial of the leak of the Ford letter added to the pathetic quality of the hearing.

There has been a lot of criticism of Senator Grassley for allowing the impotent prosecutor to question the Ford woman. She was in a situation she couldn’t win, given five minutes of questioning at a time allotted to her. This strategy kept the Republicans squeaky clean, though, and the contrast between their treatment of Ford and the Democrats’ of Kavanaugh was glaringly evident.

Republicans switched after Kavanaugh began testifying, which was needed, and they then delivered fatal blows to the Dems.

Even so, this confirmation hearing has effected just about every sentient being in the U.S. We’ve all felt Kavanaugh’s pain and some have for Ford. It wasn’t a good feeling.

Nor was it good to have friends arguing with friends, family members with family members, co-workers with other co-workers, etc. It did nothing to unite us. It did nothing for the country. It was an embarrassment and a disgrace as Kavanaugh said.

And it all gets laid at the feet of the Dems. Their continual assault and then this last minute attempt to derail the confirmation with smears showed their ugly side. Senator Feinstein has a lot to answer for – if not in this world, in the next.

I sometimes wonder if the Dems would be so much better off if they ditched their insanity and hatred and just came up with a few good ideas presented in a respectful manner. Why do they always have to yell and scream and attack others?

They’ve been punished for this in recent elections, yet it continues. Should they lose the midterms, they’ll still cling to their strategy.
If Kavanaugh is confirmed, they now plan to try and impeach him.

Could America be in worse hands with them? The suffering will continue, deepen and divide the country. They cannot win in November.

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