It Gets Worse

Just when you think Judge Kavanaugh has a clear path to confirmation, weasel Senator Jeff Flake derails it.

He’s hiding behind a big moral compass, he would like you to believe. However, that compass is pointed to $$$.

Flake’s also encouraging Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) to join him in following this direction.

Why does this all seem to involve money? The Conservative Treehouse has the sickening details:

Now the real reason for FBI insider Michael Bromwich to join the efforts on September 22nd surfaces. Bromwich, a former inspector general within the DOJ/FBI, is part of the corrupt FBI operational system we have seen surface over the past year. Bromwich represents fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The career operatives within the FBI have a risk from the ongoing internal investigations; and as an outcome, have a mutual interest in assisting Mr. Bromwith. A natural alignment.

Democrat political operative and attorney Debra Katz (representing Ms. Ford), and Mr. Bromwich, are now aiding the efforts of their political allies. The united interests want Kavanaugh’s confirmation pushed to the mid-term election so they can deploy maximum political benefit to get out their base in a quest to defeat the nomination.

The delay allows the corrupt FBI inside group to work on discovering more Christine Ford’s, so the process can be dragged out. One week, becomes two weeks, becomes… well, you get the picture… an investigation timeline takes over the internal Senate confirmation timeline. ie. “we can’t hold a vote until the investigation is complete”, blah, blah, blah.

This is all transparent.

This is how DC works.

How much is Jeff Flake’s position worth? Likely tens of millions.

Flake gives the corrupt DC system a Collins and Murkowski delay. Flake, Collins and Murkowski, give the democrats and corrupt system an endless and useful delay to the mid-terms.

This will not end in a week.

There will be more smears.

Even without more smears, the current smear investigation will continue until the mid-term narrative: “let the voters decide“, is close enough to be deployed. The media will advance this stage with great alignment.

This is the current state affairs.

This is the corrupt DC swamp everyone knows.

Bromwich is in this little video from yesterday. During a lunch break, Rep. Lee (D-TX) is seen giving Ford’s attorney, Bromwich, an envelope. He put it in his right lapel pocket.

Follow the money is what they say, right?

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