Grassley’s Motives

Yesterday I refused to blame Senator Grassley for the poor performance of the Republican prosecutor in the Ford/Kavanaugh hearings.

Sure, she was lukewarm tea, but I believe she kept the Republican Senators squeaky clean and free from Democrats being able to say they were insensitive to women.

Don Fischer at the American Spectator puts it well:

First, hidden behind the Democrats’ cynical charade of seeking “only the truth” is a huge tug of war between the parties over the suburban white female voter. The brilliance of having Rachel Mitchell, an experienced sex-crimes prosecutor, conduct the questioning of Christine Blasey Ford becomes more apparent in that light. The Democrats wanted the nation’s women to emerge appalled by the harsh mistreatment they hoped would unfold brutally as Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee presumably would tear into her story’s inconsistencies and uncertainties. Yes, the Charles Grassleys and Orrin Hatches would win litigation points, but they would lose undecided voters, particularly reasonable open-minded women. The GOP masterfully avoided that trap as Ms. Mitchell uncovered enough inconsistencies, curiosities, and uncertainties in Dr. Ford’s testimony to justify non-Resisters moving ahead with the Kavanaugh selection and voting Republican in November…
The Republicans lose little but can gain a great deal by demonstrating to middle-road and fair-minded women voters that the gang-attack anti-Kavanaugh depictions on CNN, MSNBC, and in other media are false. That Republicans are fair and reasonable. And that the GOP can go along with one more essentially pointless FBI investigation and background check. The Democrats cannot admit that what they really want is not an “FBI investigation” but really a song-without-an-end Robert Mueller investigation for the next two years — or three years, or four years — of a party whose location is not identified, whose date is unknown, whose reason is mysterious. A party that Christine Ford cannot explain. She cannot explain how she got there, how she got home from there. That is what the Democrats really want — even if it leads to nothing more than plea bargains in four years with Paul Manafort for his breaking and entering into the party to retrieve his ostrich-leather jacket. But the Democrats will not get that. Rather, they will get a week and their FBI investigation.

The ABA will be satisfied. Jeff Flake will be satisfied. Alan Dershowitz will be satisfied. Brett Kavanaugh will have had his seventh FBI clearance. Susan Collins will be covered. Joe Manchin will be covered. And that will be that — because, with all procedural requirements now concluded, if there is one thing on which you can bet the family farm it is that the Republicans are going to get that vote on that Senate floor finally cast before November 6. So thank you, Harry Reid, for ending the filibuster on federal judicial nominees.

Along the way, the Republicans have tip-toed past the pitfalls that loomed before the Ford inquiry. They elicited some key inconsistencies in her accounts without leaving her sobbing and weeping or them seeming to be ogres. Not a single sob sound-bite or screenshot emerged from hours of five-minute intervals. At the same time, they afforded Judge Kavanaugh a proper forum before a riveted nation to clear his name for those open to hearing his narrative without pre-judging the judge. Many in the Republican base now are energized as they were not before.

I do think Grassley should have called for a vote out of committee Thursday evening. He didn’t even do it early Friday, but that’s what we’re dealing with.

As difficult as it is to endure this – and I know it has been for me and scores of others – we have to do it.

After Trump won the election, we all knew we are/were facing it an epic battle between good and evil for the soul of the country. We knew it would have many challenging moments. This is one of them.

The country is worth it.
It has to be asked: are you more energized to go vote than before? Suburban white female voters will be. And not for the Democrats.

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