How They Drive the News

On July 15, right before the August county mayoral election, the CA ran a front page Sunday edition story of the two candidates, Republican David Lenoir and Democrat Lee Harris.

It was blatantly partisan. It contrasted the two candidates. Lenoir’s background was highlighted. We were told his wife said he was “serially unfaithful, gambling illegally, and having a drinking and drug problem.” I wrote at the time, “The only things missing were pornography and pedophilia. He and his wife were divorcing, we are told, and it was ugly.”

The CA mentioned that he had a complete turnaround, overcoming his problems through a renewed love of Christ and a recommitment to his marriage.

But, for Lee Harris we were told, “The home? Spotless. Trousers? Hung on the appropriate hanger. The drapes? Closed at night. The car? Washed. And polished. This was Lee Harris’ upbringing.”

The tone was set right there. After learning about his education achievements and how wonderful a person he is – so they emphasized – the CA continued:

“One trait he’s backed off on: Being neat, at least during the campaign when it comes to his car, a 2003 Toyota 4Runner with a ‘check engine’ light lit up for years on the dashboard and some 200,000 miles now showing on the odometer.

“Pulling up in the driveway of his parents’ home, parking beside his mother’s Lexus, he knows they’ll fuss.

“They tell me, ‘Your car is all beat up and dusty. Why don’t you buy a new one?’ Harris said.”
This detail was the closer of the long article.

I found that to be manipulative and doubted this awe shucks, humble little me narrative.

As it turns out, Harris lives in Central Gardens. I have seen him get into his car several times as his more than half a million dollar house is on our morning walk’s path.

It’s funny, though, because I don’t see him getting into a clunker. He appears to have a very nice perhaps 2012 Toyoto Prius SUV. Also in in the driveway is a Ford SUV that is not a clunker either.

There’s no problem with people owning nice cars, but the deception on the media’s part – at least – is just part of the fake news we see all the time.

Who do I believe, them or my lying eyes?

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