Dem Gets Platform at GOP Meeting

A week or so ago, I received a card in the mail advising me to vote “NO” on all November 6th referenda.

The only one they mentioned concerned instant runoff voting. The card listed IRV supports: Senator John McCain and “Conservative national columnist David Brooks.”

Other supporters, who actually want instant runoff voting, include County Commissioner Steve Basar, League of Women voters of Memphis, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Libertarian Party, Myron Lowery and County Commission candidate Sam Goff.

Not exactly redstate MAGA people. As a Republican and a conservative, I am not persuaded by the “experts: listed on the card.

I have written about the dangers of instant runoff voting, which you can search for on this site, and will do more shortly.

Then this morning on the ShelbyGOP weekly email, Trunkline, I see that the Midtown Republican Club meeting this Tuesday will feature Steve Mulroy to discuss this referendum and others.

Mulroy, if you’ll recall, is a Democrat. He was on the County Commission and ran for Shelby County mayor in 2014. He is a professor of law at the U of M.

He probably does know a lot about the referenda, but first and foremost he’s a Democrat and views everything from that perspective.

For example, Mulroy’s been on TV touting the Russia dossier anti Trump narrative; gun control after the Las Vegas shooting; he’s been a tough critic on Jeff Sessions when he visited Memphis to try to stop our rampant crime; an advocate for a living wage; and staunchly progressive in every area.

Why would I want to even consider what he says on important issues, given his rigid Democrat/progressive/liberal beliefs? That side doesn’t want us to win anywhere any time and are always plotting to undermine Republicans.

Surely someone from the GOP side could discuss these issues at the Midtown Republican club meeting.

Whenever we reach across the aisle, it hasn’t ended well for Republicans. It’s nice to be bipartisan, but it’s a fairly tale.

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