Trump Prophecy Movie Review

Last night I attended the first viewing of the movie “The Trump Prophecy.”

Having read the book by Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert, I was interested in seeing how the book was put on the screen. It’s a book that doesn’t have a lot of action, but is mostly descriptive. First, about Taylor’s life and the prophecies he received, followed by Colbert’s organizing of prayer groups for 2016 election victory.

About the first 40 minutes of the movie the story of Taylor’s career as a firefighter and subsequent PTSD is portrayed. He struggled with the emotional toll of the job, but also with dreams and demonic appearances that left him sleepless. With the support of his wife, Taylor finally found a doctor who helped him and that doctor led to another, the spouse of Mary Colbert.

To Colbert he provided his notes that document his encounters with “the Spirit of God” who told him that the man he just happened to hear on the TV would be a president. That man, of course, was Donald Trump and the year was 2011.

When 2012 came and no Trump and no Romney victory, Taylor began to doubt himself.

Suddenly we’re in 2015 and the Republican debates are raging. Taylor again doubts, but this is where the movie deviates from the book. None of Taylor’s other prophecies are described which leaves the first one hanging as a one-off and doesn’t support the premise of the movie.

In the book, Taylor detailed how the Spirit of God showed him the future by signs, such as the Triple Crown winner, the dates of events, the significance of WWII references, the problem with the Supreme Court, that there would be impeachment calls, increased prosperity and other interesting – and truly prophetic – events.

In the switch to the Colbert story of organizing national prayer chains, the movie also confuses the timeline and reactions. In reality, she began organizing before the Republican convention and the phone prayer chain accelerated after that. No one she contacted described doubts about Trump, but in the movie several, including her, express a disdain for his candidacy.

It’s as if they had to be politically correct to avoid offending anyone. Taylor writes that God had chosen Trump early as a tool to help right our nation. He left moralizing out of it.

Liberty University made the movie and the last 20 minutes or so, post election, are devoted to Americans showing photos of family members who served in the military (Oh, the toxic masculinity!) and various ministers commenting on the religious background of our Founders and the Constitution.

The film has one more showing in Memphis – 7 p.m. Thursday October 4 at Malco’s Paradiso. A crowd of about 50 people attended the showing, which is not bad considering it has had no publicity.

It would be much better to have read the book before seeing the movie because it does leave out key points of Taylor’s prophecies. That takes a lot of the significance out of the movie, but that is just my opinion.

And as I said in the book review, if you’re not coming from a faith background you might find it preposterous. If you do believe, you will not. I do. If you believe that God cares about our country and hears our prayers and this movie is confirmation.

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