Blackburn Visits Memphis

Marsha Blackburn
Marsha Blackburn

“Chuck Schumer has said his No. 1 goal is to flip the Senate seat in Tennessee. Phil Bredesen was his No. 1 recruit and he has put $50 million in the Tennessee Senate race.” That was the important message Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn shared yesterday to about 55 people at the TN Task Force 45 group luncheon at Owen Brennan’s.

That followed an introduction by Elaine Searcy Ervin, chairman of the group, whose goal is to get President Trump re-elected in 2020 and to support the candidates he endorses. Mrs. Ervin commented, too, on how pivotal Marsha Blackburn’s race is; she believes Rep. Blackburn’s election will save the country from falling into the destructive Democrats’ hands.

Rep. Blackburn agreed that it “is a big year in Tennessee. We must win our Congressional seats. Bill Lee must win and be our governor and we must keep our supermajority in the House and Senate.” She added, “Tennesseans overwhelmingly agree with Trump and support his agenda.”

To support him and get his agenda on his desk means we must keep our Senate seat Republican. As she sees it, right now “the Senate is basically dysfunctional. I have told Leader McConnell that they have forgotten who they serve and they need to act like a majority.”

Tennesseans, Ms. Blackburn said, “want federal judges and Supreme court justices who are constructionists and Constitutionalists. I would vote yes on Brett Kavanaugh. I’ll get it right every single time. Phil Bredesen will get it wrong every single time.”

Second, Tennesseans “like the tax cut and the money it puts in your pocket. Remember that not one Democrat in the House or Senate voted for it. Bredesen said he’d have voted no and called it crumbs like Nancy Pelosi.” In her house, she added, the $1700 a year from the tax break could “buy a refrigerator, washer or dryer or to go to a UT game.

“Bredesen’s taxes when he was governor raised a billion dollars. I have always led the fight against taxes,” Rep. Blackburn said. She worked in a bi-partisan way to deduct sales tax which ended up in giving back a billion in taxes to Tennesseans when she was in the state legislature.

“And Brian Kelsey (State Senator up for reelection) led the way for an amendment to the state Constitution so that we will never have a state income tax in Tennessee,” she said and acknowledged him at the luncheon.

Third, on immigration, “I will stand with the Republicans and build that wall. It’s not just about securing the border, but about stopping drug, sex and human trafficking. That’s another difference between me and Bredesen. When he was governor, the state issued 51,000 illegal immigrants driving certificates paid for by taxpayer money. He also called the wall ‘political theater.'”

If Bredesen were to win the Senate seat, Blackburn says, “the first thing he would do would be to vote for Chuck Schumer as leader. That would also mean Diane Feinstein heading the judiciary, Bernie Sanders on the budget committee and Patty Murray at HHS. Murray was the No. 1 advocate for single payer health care,” she said.

Blackburn shared a discussion she had with former Speaker Newt Gingrich. “He said the Democrats were running about saying they’re moderates. They’re not. Bredesen chose to run as a Democrat,” she added.

“Early voting starts in two weeks,” Rep. Blackburn said. “I want you to call people on your address list and tell them they have to turn out and vote.

“I believe as Americans we are about faith, family, freedom, hope and opportunity.” That is not something shared by Democrats or a platform they would ever embrace.

As Mrs. Ervin noted, Tennesseans on Monday came out in droves to support Trump and Blackburn. Estimates place it at 100,000. “That was the largest rally of that kind ever in the history of the country.”

Reporter David Drucker of the Washington Examiner attended and took time to interview someone at the event. I will post his article when it is published.

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