Why Am I Not Surprised

The horrific accident involving a limo that ended up killing 20 people in New York state made me suspicious. So often these cases involve an illegal immigrant who doesn’t have the proper licensing to drive.

It turns out that was a valid suspicion. From ABC News:

The limousine that was involved in a deadly crash in Schoharie, New York failed an inspection by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles last month, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Additionally, the driver of the limousine, who died in the crash along with 19 others, did not have the appropriate driver’s license to be operating that vehicle, Cuomo said.

A law enforcement official told ABC News that the driver was named Scott Lisinicchia and lacked the proper license required to drive a vehicle that can hold more than 15 occupants.

“The owner of the company, in my opinion, because of the legal consequences, had no business putting a failed vehicle on the road,” the governor said.

The registered owner of the limousine is named Shahed Houssain and used to be an FBI informant, according to law enforcement sources and court documents.

Hussain became an informant in 2002 after he was arrested on fraud charges while working for the state Department of Motor Vehicles, law enforcement officials said. He was caught helping immigrants cheat on driver’s tests and cooperated with the FBI in order to avoid deportation to Pakistan, the sources said.

Hussain testified as part of two terrorism cases, including a 2009 sting operation that disrupted an alleged plot to bomb a Bronx synagogue. The other case was out of Albany and involved terrorism financing.

That’s a lot of people who died in an accident that should not have happened.

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