Go See ‘Gosnell’

Only the most hard hearted or completely propagandized liberal could watch “Gosnell” and not come out shaken.

The movie, which is currently playing in Memphis, is that powerful.

Although it doesn’t claim to advocate from a pro life stance – and one of the main actors, Dean Cain, even says he is pro choice – the movie does make you wonder who could possibly have that view reinforced after watching “Gosnell.”

If you don’t know the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia it’s not surprising. One of the themes of the movie is how little attention the trial of the man they dubbed the most prolific serial killer in the U.S. got in the media. Why? Because he ran an abortion clinic and most of the press are afraid to focus attention on an issue that polarizes Americans and that the media back.

Gosnell, as the film details, didn’t just run an abortion clinic; that is, unfortunately, legal. He ran a clinic that aborted babies past the legal date for abortion, right up until a birth ensued. Then the doctor would take care of the woman’s problem by snipping the neck with scissors. He also ran an operation that did not respect normal rules of hygiene or surgery. At least one of his patients died there due to lax care.

But if you feel that the details of this would be too revolting to watch, you’d be wrong. The audience does not see the graphic details of these horrendous procedures, nor do we see the contents of bags filled with dead babies and baby parts. Director Nick Searcy (who also plays Gosnell’s defense attorney) spares us that, but what you imagine is just as damning. He has a deft touch of leading you up to the scene, but pulling away from the horror that would sicken decent people who would concentrate on that and not the message of the movie.

It’s a deft touch and keeps “Gosnell” from being only a gross out film. In fact, the final damning photo that comes out at the trial is not shown to us, but we are told you can see it at the movie website. It is a photo of a perfectly made baby boy who was snipped as he lay on the table breathing and moving his fingers. You can see it here: http://gosnellmovie.com/babyboy/a/.

Gosnell’s depiction is well done, too. He’s not shown as a raging monster. He’s not shown doing anything with the babies. However, his monstrous personality shows. The doctor runs a clinic so filthy that cats and their poo litter the rooms. Blood splatters on equipment are visible and his teenage workers were put in charge of administering anesthesia. His own house was a mess, complete with flea infestations, but the doctor ignored it all to sit at his piano and play classical music. His concern for his pet endangered species turtles gave a good contrast to his complete disregard for his female patients.

It is shocking.

The movie runs an hour and a half and you might recognize names associated with it. Actors Nick Searcy, Dean Cain and Janine Turner are recognizable conservatives with major roles. Writers Ann McElhinney and
her husband Phelim McAleer collaborated on the book about this as well as on a previous movie debunking the attacks on fracking called “Frack Nation.” They write for Townhall.com as well as the Wall St. Journal and he has appeared on Fox News. Andrew Klavan worked on the movie, too, and has written at Breitbart.

The movie only exists because of crowdfunding. The movie’s official website says it “was one of the most successfully crowdfunded films in history…Almost 30,000 people donated over $2.3m in 45 days.”

Although the critics have ignored the movie, the creators are counting on word of mouth and mention by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and others to promote it.

I suspect it will not be in Memphis long. Make an effort and go see it. If it weren’t about a subject as taboo for Hollywood as pro life, it would get many Oscar nominations. It is extremely well done.
Don’t miss it.

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