CA Channels Inner Halloween

A look at this morning’s CA and you’d think they were getting into the spirit of Halloween to try and spook you.

Folded at the top of the newspaper in its sleeve was this headline: “Will your job vanish in a recession?” Whaat? If anything, Memphis and the country needs more skilled workers because we have 7 million jobs out there and not enough people to fill them. With an unemployment rate of 3.7% and incomes rising, this headline is just for scaring people. Pathetic move by Gannett and transparent, too.

They found more to scare us. “Study finds source of spooky noises heard in Antarctic shelf.” It has to do with vibrating ice shelves, which, of course, suggests that climate change is going to kill you.

Then: “Experts hunt cause of polio-like illness.” Is that from global warming, too? No, but it’s meant to panic you. What they don’t say is that a lot of it can probably be linked to non vaccinated illegal immigrants coming to our cities.

“South’s hurricane damage could hurt midterm voting” shouts another headline. You know they’re hoping that it alarms Republicans in red states and red areas that they won’t get to the polls. Not that this liberal rag really cares.

Want a laugh instead of a scare? There’s one on the TV page. The headline reads “Roseanne Barr-less ‘Connors’ is a triumph.'” Really? Her show pulled 25 million viewers; this one 10 million. You might add, with a stone, because viewership will probably fall like one as the show continues. Triumph? ABC already has admitted they probably shouldn’t have pulled “Roseanne,” the one hit show they had last season.

The reporter, Mark Kennedy of the AP, comments, “One thing noticeably absent from the first episode: politics. There’s no Trump, no Hillary, no Washington.” You can almost hear his sigh of relief. We don’t need to coddle to these red state knuckledraggers. “The fission of red state versus blue state infighting that made the reboot of ‘Roseanne’ such a flashpoint is gone.” So too is the point of the show and the humor. It is a comedy show last I checked.

But leave it to the CA’s resident race expert for the piece de resistance on Page 1. She has to contrast the murdered Greater Memphis Chamber CEO Phil Trenary’s lifestyle with the alleged perpetrators. The day he died, Trenary “enjoyed a catered lunch of portobello mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini, peppers and chicken during a board meeting…” How dare he! Does this mean he’s an uncaring racist?

Just think about it, too. She had to go out and ask someone what he had for lunch; track down the menu. It was purposeful. As if it matters. It’s ridiculous to pull this into a story.

Then we find out he had visited Loflin Yard on his way home to his downtown condominium. A picture of it gets contrasted with the poor neighborhood of the perps.

She goes on to discuss the average wage of people in the poor neighborhood – $16,000 a year. “Many of the houses sit on lots choked with weeds and litter, and many are condemned.

“Signs of people eking out a meager living and a bit of hope from those surroundings can be seen in lots for makeshift car washes, men barbering hair on porches and houses that have been converted into churches.

“There are no tech incubators here,” she says, referring to attempts by Trenary to improve the city.
She doesn’t add that the majority of them don’t go out and kill a stranger in cold blood.

Was it Trenary’s fault that he worked hard to live a better life than they did? Is that what she wants? Should we not feel sympathy for his family because he had been successful? Does their anguish then become meaningless?

This is the worst kind of journalism.

But that’s what we’ve come to expect from the scary CA.

At least they provide the comics.

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