Adventures in Liberal Land

Every now and then a conservative finds him/herself taking a trip into the crazed world of Liberal Land. Not that we want to leave our cozy, contented conservative world, but on occasion it’s necessary. Over the weekend I had to make the trip to a Leftist outpost. I knew there’d be peril, but gutted up and did it.

The event was a party on the 35th anniversary of the demise of Memphis’ afternoon newspaper, where all of us worked.

Probably 80% of those who attended are liberals, but in the interest of comity and old times sake, I decided to go. You always want to see who turns up, how they’ve changed and what happened after such a live altering event as a business shutdown.

A home in Harbortown was the gathering place and the hostess a life long journalist. It puzzles me because this person, as a liberal, aligns with minorities and bathes in the righteous waters of diversity.

But I don’t find Harbortown to be at all diverse. It is a tight and white community of expensive homes in well patrolled neighborhoods. Midtown has diversity splashed all over it. We can easily go to a Vietnamese grocery, Hispanic restaurant or black owned business. Harbortown, no.

When these people were younger they decried the white flight suburbs. Would never live there, looked down on Germantown, East Memphis and Cordova. Didn’t like the hastily built, cookie cutter, soul-less homes therein.

In short, places a lot like Harbortown.

The owner of the zero lot, backyard free, $400K house said she had been there five years. A lot of the reason she moved was to avoid crime in Midtown. “I never felt safe in Central Gardens,” she said. Then she recounted incident after incident of break-ins, robbery in her own driveway, burglaries. Once someone ran out of her house with her daughters’ music tapes. She called the police who came and caught the guy. She refused to press charges, which angered the cops. Rightly so. They asked why they had even bothered if she wasn’t going to prosecute. Amen. But in the liberal mind, it is always wrong to blame the perpetrator.

The homeowner went on to say how much safer it is in Harbortown. “There is only one road out, so it’s hard for someone to slip out,” she said. That was puzzlingy as I immediately recalled a meeting with her a year ago. She had been in a panic. Someone had come to a home in her neighborhood in the late afternoon and shot and killed the homeowner in a botched robbery.

Doesn’t sound safe to me. She must have forgotten all about that. Selective forgetfulness is rampant among libs.

Later I went to the sink to get a glass of water. The hostess was busy washing the plastic plates from the dinner buffet. What? I didn’t ask but she said she believes in recycling. Not a shock from the “Make America Green Again” bumper on her refrigerator right next to the “Resist” sticker. I didn’t look, but there was probably a Prius in the driveway.

Why not just use real plates then and put them in the dishwasher? Is there a point in buying disposable dishes and then not disposing of them? This is liberal logic served up on a plate.

We wonder why there is such a chasm between conservatives and liberals. They don’t make any sense and there is no logic.

Fortunately for me, politics didn’t come up and I didn’t stay long enough to let them. Most of the time conservatives/Republicans don’t bring up politics; the other side does. We tend to take it on the chin and let it go.

After all, the tolerant world of Liberal Land ends at the ideological border. There is no hypocrisy in their world; nor is there prejudice. That’s as they see it.

Perpetrators never do though, do they?

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