Crime Marches On

Crime in Central Gardens has escalated lately. Almost every day Nextdoor is filled with stories of robberies, vandalism, burglary, armed assault, cars rifled through.

And the attacks are happening in broad daylight now, not just under cover of darkness. Last week someone in the block down from me was attacked at 3:15 in the afternoon. They got away. Someone reported a coworker was held up at gun point today. Another reported an urgent alert that a robbery happened this morning and were warning of the danger.

We’re not even to Christmas yet – the premium time for packages to be stolen off porches and break-ins to occur, along with the other crimes.

Aside from the outrage neighbors vent, the conclusion they appear to draw is that we need another Phelps truck!

Not that our politicians are inadequate or perhaps corrupt. Not that we need more police on the beat. Not that our tax money apparently should be used correctly for our safety. Not that we should elect people who actually care about citizens.

No, the conclusion they arrive at is that we should each fork over more money for security via Phelps.

I have nothing against Phelps people. However, they are not police. They are not armed. They can’t do much to stop a thief except scare him off. It’s not their job and most citizens would be angry if it were.

Most of us have installed security systems, electric gates, cameras, car alarms, even gotten big dogs. How much more are we supposed to do? When does the city begin to do its job?

What about accountability?
Here’s one comment, that truly flabbergasted me:

I am, like I am sure you all are, pissed beyond measure at the recent rash of criminal activity in the neighborhood. I plan to go to the Neighborhood Watch meeting at Crump on Tuesday night, and I hope that many of you join me. What has my blood boiling today is the knowledge that there are people of means in this neighborhood who are not subscribers to Phelps. We have PROOF today that their presence (thank you Officer Williams) helps. Imagine if we had a second truck? I know that there is much talk of SkyCop and other camera solutions. But I also know that CGA does not have the funds to purchase enough cameras to sufficiently cover our large footprint. IF CGA were to place a few cameras on certain streets, other neighbors who pay for CGA memberships would be upset that their blocks are not being covered. I know this because a neighbor tried to sue the association for the perception that their block was not being “treated equally” by CGA. I have stepped down from the CGA board, but I know that the safety committee is hard at work trying to figure out what can be done.

The one thing we CAN do, as good neighbors, is to pay for the Phelps service. If you have any doubt that they are worth the money, read the threads about what they did to help the police find the perps who terrorized our streets this morning. And that is exactly what this is… terror. Young kids with nothing to lose, brandishing guns upon folks going about their daily lives. I refuse to sit here and be afraid to walk my dogs, be out on my porch or visit neighbors on our sidewalks. I’m sorry (or maybe I’m not sorry) but if you are not a subscriber, and you have the means to do so, you are part of the problem.

Part of the problem? Insane.

The problem might have to do with electing liberals who are not tough on crime. Or when bleeding hearts lean on the police and judges here for leniency to criminals allowing the thieves back on the street. When thugs know there is little punishment, there is little incentive to quick taking things from people.

Notice, too, that liberals never think owning a gun could solve a problem, even though communities that do allow guns appear to have much less crime. They would probably prefer we not have the second amendment!

With attitudes like these prevailing, it doesn’t appear this problem of crime is going to be solved anytime soon.

Next they’ll be advocating curfews for law abiding citizens for our own good. Should we all only go out in groups of five or more? How much more should we pay per person for security the city should provide? Would they like a tax for that?

An emoji of hands in prayer or a sternly written comment is not going to solve the problem.

I keep looking for an end point to insanity but I don’t see it. Neither do I see an end to this crime until we get better elected officials.

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