Ocasio Cortez May Be Right

The wacky Leftist/Progressive/Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-LooneyTunes) has suggested we make election day a holiday for all.

Sure, Europeans do it, but why should we? Surely we can take 20 minutes out of the day every two years to protect our democracy. After all, soldiers do it 24/7 for years.

But then someone pointed out to me the jewel of an idea in her crap proposal.

Anonymous commented:

The Dimp!e Cheeked Chica has tweeted a Dimple Cheeked Chica inspirational combo question & implied challenge:

The question being: Why is Federal Election Day not a holiday?

The implied challenge: Make Federal Election Day an Federal Holiday.

The brilliance of this almost tempts one to think that the Dimple Cheeked Chica is a mole of Trumpian MAGA, as, were Federal Election Day to be declared a Federal Holiday, the following would become true:

1. All citizens would be equally provided with the same, exact opportunity to participate in voting. The moochers, to whom EVERY day is a non working day, would thus be joined by the taxpaying, working citizens, in an exquisitely delightful manner.

2. This newly applied Federal Holiday status of Federal Election Day will be the catalyst to return election day as the only day to vote, retaining absentee by signed statement as the traditional means for those attesting to actual absence from their places of residence from which they are registered to vote. Also, no need for “early voting” bullshit.

3. The same legislation to declare this Federal Election Day Holiday would be including sane requirements for registration of proven citizens. Federal defined requirements. Constitutional conforming requirements.

4. The challenge then would be to the individual States to comply with Federal Standards.

So, the Dimple Cheeked Chica has suggested, in a single tweet, a concept which is so Trumpian in possibilities as to induce suspicion that the Dimple Cheeked Chica is actually a mole for MAGA!!!!!

Well, I doubt that, but he/she raises a good point.

It would save money (an approach that appeals to a lot of shallow thinkers) to have just one day for elections. There would be no cost to set up polls across cities and states for weeks, plus pay for manning them. Lots of Dem voters get payback for this job. They would resent it being taken away and that would be a blow for Dems.

It would cut down on the opportunity for the unscrupulous, aka Democrats, to cheat. When there is less time for it, it really narrows the chances they can successfully do it. Take away or limit provisional ballots and you remove the big new tool the Dems use to make up for the lack of votes in a tight race.

Our side likes to argue that knowing how many Republicans are voting early tells them they need to do something to increase GOP participation. First, I don’t know why this information is available. It appears to violate our privacy rights; rights that are inherent to vote integrity.

Second, do we really have success in pushing our voters when the information comes out? Do we organize and bus them like the Democrats? No. That is a tool Dems use to up their participation. It should be taken away. From what I see it boosts them, not us. In the August 1 election, our Shelby GOP knew we were falling behind, but were unable to do anything about it anyhow and we lost.

As anonymous suggests, getting states to change would be the tough part. Things ought to have been addressed in 2000 after the terrible Bush v. Gore Florida episode. We had the House then. We had it after 2016; nothing was done. With Dems in charge, they will fight tooth and nail to oppose any change to their election stealing agenda.

As election after election brings more and more doubts as to the honesty of our system, voters will begin to lose faith in it. That would lead to fewer participating as no one believes it is honest anymore.

In that, the Dems have succeeded in their march to autocratic rule.

We’ve played around too much with elections. We need to get back to the basics. Will we?

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