Undercover Film Exposes Caravan

You may have seen Ami Horowitz on Sean Hannity’s TV show or heard him on his radio show. Horowitz went to see the caravan for himself. What he saw disputes the liberal media’s bleeding heart theme that they are mostly women and children just looking for a better life in the U.S. Or, that the caravan just came about organically, not sponsored by Leftist groups.

Another problem the Leftist media doesn’t want to talk about is all the illnesses and diseases they are bringing. Last winter Tennessee experienced outbreaks of diseases we usually don’t see because Americans have been vaccinated. They were linked to illegal aliens coming into the country. That info was quickly hidden, though.

You would think some in the media would worry about their responsibility in the deaths and illnesses of many Americans, especially children. They aren’t. They are always willing to give up American lives for their Socialist dream.
Nor do they care about the criminals. Just yesterday, the border patrol picked up an MS 13 gang member. The media people who live in their protected enclaves in gated communities will not have to worry about them. The rest of us will.

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