That Romney! What a Character

Pe-euw! Mittens Romney stepped in a pile with his stupid column maligning Trump in the WaPo.

No true Republican would consider the WaPo as anything but a propaganda rag, yet Romney chose to do the Brutus in that highly detested waste of trees.

He lost the GOP mainstream right there.

Then he dares to complain about Trump’s character. Most people instinctively know that people of good character don’t knife others in the back. It just exposes his own hypocrisy – never a good mark of character. Funny, Mitt didn’t complain about Obama’s character when he had ample opportunity to do it. He let Benghazi, the Wright connection, Obama’s tricks to get ahead in Chicago politics, his lies about Obamacare and everything else go by without a whimper. Romney had a big platform to call the anointed one out on his poor character, but Willard choked. It’s more fun to throw spitballs from a safe distance behind newsprint. Real hero that.

Americans aren’t buying it. I’m happy to see the insightful zings readers have made in various blogs.

For instance, “Romney’s ceiling is now as a Judas in the Senate. That’s a hell of a demotion for someone who shamelessly wears the mantel of piety and faux personal integrity. He will relish every opportunity to stab Trump in the back, and think himself noble for the effort. The man has debased himself and it will carryover to his state citizenry and religious affiliation. This was truly despicable conduct which will vanquish his former reputation and impugn the Romney name for decades to come. He no doubt is a co-conspirator in the Deep State, but this flagrant treachery will be permanently branded on his forehead and no backslapping in the closet from Cocaine Mitch will remove that stain.”
And “He wonders why he only got 206 electoral votes and Trump got 306. Does he really think being another pain in the ass will help him get the GOP nomination for another run for the top job? Maybe he is planning ahead so he can get nice media coverage and a TIME magazine retrospective after he has left the Earth for the planet Kolob.”
Good one.

“Like so many other failures where we see their true selves after they lose elections, Mitt Romney is showing just what a terrible president he would have been. In the Sore Loser category, he’s made a place for himself right up there with Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.”

“Romney is an ‘honorable’ man? What the hell have you been smoking over the holidays? First he begs for a job in Trump’s new administration, with the ridiculous idea that he would be a good Sec. State, then he begs for the President’s endorsement when he runs for the Senate, now he writes a hit piece on his way into D.C? Please, tell me which part of this Magic-underwear-wearing buffoon is it that is ‘honorable’.? We dodged a bullet in ’12 with the Squish Ticket of Romney and that other jackass, Paul Ryan.”
Another says, “Q: How do you know he’s officially stepped in it?

A: When the Chairwoman of the RNC calls him out for his column, on her official Twitter account.

Q: How do you know he’s really stepped in it?

A: When the RNC Chairwoman also happens to be his niece!”

And, I imagine many feel like this one, “Romney as a Flakian Rino will find invitations poring in from the likes of Colbert, Kimmel, CNN, MSNBS, etc. That’s what he really wants—attention. And probably another Hillary-esque run at the White House. I contributed to his presidential run last time. I want my money back.”

With interest.

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