Library or Propaganda Center?

This morning I made a trip to the Benjamin Hooks library. I just wanted to get a few books to read to my granddaughter.

There are always a few books highlighted in the children’s section. Most of the time they are new books. I looked to see if there was anything interesting to a four year old.

If that four year old were a liberal, he/she would be at the right place. Center in the mix was this tome: “We Rise, We Resist and We Raise Our Voices.” Now what do kids of any age under teenager need to know about social justice or the war on Trump? The book was colorful and filled with things like songs and “history” lessons.

On the other side was this one: “Little Dreamers: Visionary Women around the World.” Do most kids in elementary school focus on immigration and Dreamers? Are all Dreamers to be applauded, even if they broke the laws coming into our country? Is that what school is about now? Numbers connected to immigration, not math; history that they want to make rather than the truth?

Then I spotted “It Takes a Village.”

What a sad thing it is that the public library is being used for propaganda.

But then again, so are schools, so is entertainment, so is the media.

We’ve got a lot to work on to retake America.

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