Fox Fatigue

Bill O’Reilly’s release from Fox News has given him a better perspective than he had – and he can say what he wants.

He understands now that the news has become toxic. Audiences are leaving cable news channels. The obsession they have with President Trump has become old. I agree. I have not watched Fox or Fox Business nearly as much as I did. I watch One America News for a fuller picture of what’s going on in the world, not just Capitol Hill in D.C.

He writes on

…The arrogant, mostly liberal national press dismissed Donald Trump as a vulgarian but gave him constant exposure. He was good for ratings and was destroying the Republican Party in the process. Both positive things for the media chieftains.

But then Trump won the nomination and faced Hillary Clinton.

Once again the establishment TV news media derided Trump but hung on his every word. He remained great for business and couldn’t possibly defeat Mrs. Clinton.

They were absolutely certain of that.

But then he won again.

Almost instantly, business plans were put into place. CNN and MSNBC, with a large helping hand from NBC News, set themselves up as the “resistance,” openly demonstrating to their viewers that fair coverage was not even being considered.

The mandate became “destroy Trump.”

Anti-Trump Americans now had two networks that would bash the President non-stop. Because MSNBC was more vicious than CNN, it garnered the biggest audience of the two.

On the other side, Fox News made a corporate decision to support Donald Trump and appeal to the 60 million Americans who voted for him. Because FNC stood almost alone in defending Trump, it remained the highest rated cable news operation – there was no where else for the President’s supporters to go.

But all three cable networks basically stopped covering the news, devoting most of their presentations to Trump. Unending Trump. Always Trump.

Many viewers became exhausted.

So, Fox News has begun losing viewers especially in the 25 to 54 years old category. MSNBC is actually beating FNC in prime time on some nights which rarely happened in the past.

Correction, it never happened.

Many philosophers believe that hate is a stronger emotion than love, and that might be what we are seeing here. The MSNBC people are better haters than the CNN crew although it’s close. MS trounces CNN in the ratings because their Trump loathing is kept at a white hot temperature. It’s almost amusing to watch.

How do they keep it up every hour on the hour?

Fox News allows some of its on air talent to hate Trump too, and that is not sitting well with its core audience who now have alternatives on radio and the net.

But the basic problem with FNC is a lack of entertainment value.

Hating is fun for some; defending the object of hate, not so much.

When Donald Trump leaves the national stage, all three cable news operations will likely decline in a major way. Covering the news fairly and accurately is difficult. Today, cable news doesn’t even try. If you are looking for accurate information and honest perspective, you better bring a strong microscope.

Americans know that. They clearly see what’s happening. And when the blood sport of Trump-era politics finally ends, viewers will not be back for an encore.

They have had it.

I would like to know a little bit more about international news, but I don’t get it from Fox. It’s as if the rest of the world and the rest of the country beyond New York and DC don’t matter.

He is correct that the anti Trump people on Fox are contributing to the problem. There are no pro Trump people at all on CNN or MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC. That makes Neil Cavuto, Shepard Smith, Brett Baier and many others unwatchable.

And you get far more intelligent insight from Scott Adams and his podcast and Dan Bongino and his. Graham Ledger and Liz Wheeler, two nighttime hosts on OAN, actually let guests speak for more than three minutes and are more conservative than many Fox hosts. With only so many hours in the day, many of us are choosing to skip Fox for these or to read blogs.

Funny that Bill O’Reilly has become better off the network than he was on.

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