The Sweet Taste of Power

I didn’t know there was an 11th commandment brought down by Moses. “Thou shalt not consume sugary drinks” was not on my list. But, according to today’s CA editorial, all sweet drinks should have a “sin tax.”
Sin? Forgive me Father, I have sipped a Coke?

But watch out Southerners! She doesn’t just mean Cokes. Sweet tea and Koolaid made the list, too.

“Tennessee is second only to Mississippi in soda consumption,” the editorial writer says. “An excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages is needed to reduce sugar consumption in children and reduce the continuing rise of obesity in Tennessee’s children.”

What’s the natural conclusion to this? Should the purveyors be arrested and jailed like heroin and opioid suppliers? If it’s that bad, you might decide that.

Quick! Someone go get the Dinstuhls and Gibson donut people. Obviously they are doing evil work by providing irresistible treats.

The writer goes on to speak of diabetes, obesity and – you guessed it – let’s put the government in control of our health care and therefore monitor what we eat. It’s the progressive dream.

She ignores that targeting sugar soda makes it very glamorous in a way that it isn’t in daily life. Kids will want it even more when it is forbidden, just like they did the red hot cheetohs that schools embargoed.

Has this woman not heard of what happened with the soda tax imposed in Philadelphia? Consumers there were forced to pay outrageous sums for a single drink and $10 plus for a six pack. Surely that’s unfair, even to her.

It didn’t work either, as none of these self righteous, imposed attitudes do. Here in the Mid South, how easy would it be to go to Arkansas, Mississippi or another county to avoid the tax? Then you get in a Prohibition situation where you’re encouraging mob type trafficking and crime.

This person believes that “an excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages is not the total solution to childhood obesity, but it is an important first step to ensuring a healthy future for Tennessee.”

It’s not a total solution, it’s not even a solution.

Seems that everything the government takes over – especially when they wrest it from parental control – makes it much worse.
So would this.

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