Trump Triumphs Again

Once again, the brilliance of President Trump shined through in his State of the Union address.

Yes, he had excellent points about the issues he addressed. But it was the strategy of – once again – exposing his enemies for who they are that is insanely genius.

One look at the faces of Democrats showed how wildly successful he was last night.

The clever speech caused the uniformed Dem women in white to jump to their feet when he touted more jobs for women. They reveled in cheering themselves. Seldom do you see such a display of narcissistic self congratulations.

They stood up for themselves, but along with the other Democrats did not stand for major American values. They did not cheer freedom, job creation or lowering black unemployment. That said volumes about their motives.

When Trump mentioned the danger of infanticide, they did not support him. They were glum. When he vowed America would never be a socialist country, they were glum.

Take a look at their faces:

Chuck Schumer wore a smirk throughout.

So did Nancy Pelosi. And she gave a sarcastic clap.

The Left’s darling, AOC, frowned.

Bernie Sanders did not appreciate the hit on his socialism.

Other presidential aspirants like Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand wore scowls throughout as well. Perhaps there had been too much vinegar in their salad dressing?

One person I didn’t see – thankfully – was Rep. Steve Cohen. Usually he makes sure he gets plenty of camera time. It’s surprising considering Memphis was represented twice in the president’s speech. First there was Alice Johnson whose sentence was commuted by Trump and then with the mention of St. Jude.

Was Cohen suffering from sour stomach?

The soul of the Democrat party was on view last night.

It was not a pretty picture.

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