Down, But Not Out

George Soros couldn’t stop the Republican tsunami, but that doesn’t mean he’s thrown in the towel. He’s just buying more towels.

He already has the Center for American Progress,, Democracy Alliance, the Open Society Institute and the secretary of state project. has the whole Soros tapestry. He’s been weaving his mischief for a long time. He’s not about to stop now.

According to the Politico and the American Thinker blog, CAP is providing Obama with a blueprint on how he can skirt Congress to get his liberal wishes fulfilled. “Power of the President” is a report proposing 30 executive actions the president can do to promote his energy, economy, health care, education, foreign policy and national security policies. It recommends using executive orders, rulemaking, agency management, convening and creating public-private partnership, commanding the armed forces and diplomacy. In other words, how he can override the will of the American people.

But Soros isn’t just looking at the executive branch of government. He is aiming at states, promoting ballot initiatives as he did in California in the last election. In California he was behind the move to allow marijuana to be sold and one that would have put control of redistricting in the hands of the state legislature. In Nevada, he worked to end state judicial elections, favoring appointments by officials. An end to the electoral collage is something else he has called for and he pushes a no borders immigration policy and would like to see the legalization of all drugs.

Supposedly, Soros had shares in OSI Systems, the company that owns Rapiscan that makes the new scanners being used at airports. Remember the oil rigs that moved to Brazil during the Gulf oil spill? Soros has investments in that company, too. Coincidence?

A heavy investor in green energy, Soros would benefit from its promotion, too.

And just recently, just before the firing of Fox commentator Juan Williams, he donated a chunk to NPR.
At age 80 most people, even philanthropists, would give it a rest. Not Soros. And that makes him a very dangerous man.

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