Quick, Call Dave Ramsey!

Most people have heard of Dave Ramsey and his financial advice. He wants people to be free of debt. He has a radio show and started his Financial Peace University to aid in this endeavor.

People call in with worries about their debt and he advises them to pare down their lifestyle to get rid of student loan debt, credit card debt, etc.

It appears that Democrat wunderkind Stacey Abrams needs his help. Desperately.

Abrams is the pick the Democrats made to counter the SOTU address. She’s also a writer of trashy romance novels – the kind filled with heaving bosoms and readily undone zippers – as well as being the poor sport loser in the Georgia governor’s race.

Turns out she could use a little of the Ramsey advice. According to the Daily Caller, “Abrams owes back taxes amounting to $40,201 for 2015 and $13,851 for 2016. She owes $96,512 in student loan debt and another $77,522 in credit card debt spread over nine different accounts. In total, she is about $228,000 in the red. This number is actually higher if you count her $178,500 in real estate debt and her $4,434 car loan.”
Her first job after college paid her $95,000, so she wasn’t denied a good paying job.

American Thinker adds, “What is even more interesting was that Abrams had been generously compensated by Third Sector Development, which she founded and headed, as well as another get-out-the-minority-vote non-profit, also an Abrams creation, the Voter Access Institute, to the tune of almost a half-million dollars in a three-year period. That hefty salary was funded out of $12.5 million in donations from sources Abrams refuses to reveal, a quite unusual stance for non-profits to take when their operations are aboveboard.”

And she wasn’t even successful. The Daily Caller finds, “The non-profits accomplished little in reaching their implicit goals, despite the large amount of money involved. The Georgia Democratic Party only received 3 percent more votes in the 2014 gubernatorial election than in 2010. Black voter turnout actually declined by more than two percentage points.”

This didn’t even help:

But isn’t that today’s Democrat party? Hypocrites, thugs, liars and cheaters.

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