MoveOn Organizes Today hopes to birth hundreds of protests around the country today against President Trump.

Today’s program targets his executive order on building the wall. Of course. The movement’s chief, George Soros, wants open borders and the free flow of drugs. They don’t want anything to stop this. Plus, the Democrat party badly needs bodies to go vote for them in 2020. These illegals can help.

I looked to see if there were any protests in Memphis today.

As of this morning, surprisingly, there weren’t. The closest on the map is Jackson, then Nashville and Clarksville.

However, some local people will probably rally independently. First Congo Church in Midtown, which has organized to supply busloads of illegals with sandwiches, clothing and other help, may step forward. They are, after all, the headquarters of ACORN in Memphis.

What you don’t see is the millions of Americans who don’t agree with them and don’t support the flood of immigrants invading our southern border. We are peaceful people who believe in the rule of law.

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