Trump Victories Continue

A very good column by blogger Don Surber should be read by everyone. Here it is, headlined “Now do you see Trump won the shutdown?”

Four weeks ago, President Trump and Congress agreed to end their stalemate over the wall and end the government shutdown. Democrats immediately declared victory.

I explained to readers the who, what, where, when, how, and why Democrats lost.

First, “Trump is getting the wall.”

Second, “No, Trump did not cave.”

Third, “Trump wins because he isn’t screwing anyone over.”

Let us review.

A week ago, the final budget deal included money for the wall. Mission impossible became mission accomplished.

Congress had shut the government down because President Donald John Trump wanted money for the wall. For two years, Congress had refused to deliver.

He finally said, pay up.

For five weeks we had the lamest government shutdown in the fortunately short history of shutdowns.

Nancy said no money for the wall.

Today he has $1.375 billion in this budget deal, plus close to $7 billion in various accounts that he can redirect to wall building.

That is $8 billion — which is more than the $5.7 billion he requested.

Had Congress simply handed him the money, that would be all that he could spend. He would have no grounds or need to declare a national emergency.

But here we are.

At the time, few people understood, as I did, that President Trump won. Ed Morrissey got what a shrewd move President Trump made.

He wrote, “Pelosi tried holding the line by warning her caucus against freelancing on the standoff and sending signals of disunity. Pelosi even went so far as to formally reject Trump’s plan to deliver the State of the Union address in a joint session of Congress next week.

“But by that time, other members of Democratic leadership had already started freelancing and exposing cracks in Pelosi’s no-talks armor. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), when asked by Fox’s Neil Cavuto whether he would vote for border-wall funding, conceded that ‘physical barriers are part of the solution.’

“A week earlier, Hoyer had insisted he would oppose such funding.

“The next day, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) offered to give Trump the $5.7 billion he requested for more border security as long as it wasn’t spent on the wall. ‘If his $5.7 billion is about border security,’ Clyburn remarked, ‘then we see ourselves fulfilling that request, only doing it with what I like to call using a smart wall.'”

Nancy thought she could hang with Donald Trump. Are you kidding me? In the 1990s, he got German bankers to let him keep most of his company and drop their junk bond interest rates in negotiations in bankruptcy court.

Dumb ass political reporters called that “filing for bankruptcy.” No. Wrong. It is the opposite of that. He essentially was filing for refinancing, and he got it because he was too big to fail.

Washington’s equivalent of German bankers — Congress — backed down as well.

When the shutdown began on December 22, the stock market was down. Sure, it was a correction but it allowed anti-capitalists to bleat “worst December since the Depression,” which was so wrong that it was annoying.

Since then, the market has made all that back and more. It closed Friday a few bucks short of those august highs of August.

Nancy thought she was clever when she made him wait a week to deliver his State of the Union address. In that week, new economic data came through that show the economy was doing so well that Democrat Pussyhats stood and cheered his State of the Union address.

Two months and a day after the shutdown began, President Trump is in the driver’s seat.

Bungling Bob Mueller has nothing to indict him on.
Chairman Xi is about to surrender in the trade war.
Kim Jong-Un has agreed to declare peace and work on unification.
The media beclowned itself on Jussie Smollett.
The Islamic State is dead.

Democrats have nothing. Nada. Their Green New Deal regulates cow farts.

President Trump meanwhile has declared America will never accept socialism.

It won’t, despite every school from elementary to college promoting it because with the economic revival we have enjoyed since his election as president, Donald Trump has shown capitalism rocks.

He’s also pretty good at politics.

When the shutdown battle began, I wrote that President Trump had won because Donald Trump wins the battle first, then goes to war. It’s Sun Tzu.

Someday his opponents will figure that out. Maybe.

I might add that he has also forced the Democrats to show that their true colors. They are now all Progressives in the scariest sense.

There can’t be any hiding from it. Yesterday Grandpa Bernie Sanders refused to condemn Venezuelan leader Maduro. In other words, he’s fine with starvation, poverty and inadequate health care.

The others will probably follow his example.

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