Animal House

Since the Democrats regained the House and took control in January, it has been almost catastrophic.

For us and for them.

They have acted like freshmen frat boys on their first venture away from home. They are out of control and don’t even seem to care.

Remember their January party in Puerto Rico? Lobbyists paid for it and even Senator Menendez, who got in trouble for accepting money from them and carousing with young girls in the Dominican Republic, had no shame about appearing with a babe on a beach. Not a shred of propriety in that guy.

Then there was the ridiculous refusal to work with President Trump on border money. In the end, he got what he wanted. They always knew he had avenues open to him and would use them, but putting the country through their ridiculous chest thumping was more important than an insignificant amount of money – $5 billion.

One America News runs a clock every day complete with the updated daily cost of illegal immigration. Even at the beginning of March we are up to $45 billion and counting. So much for their fiscal concerns.

They put us through the absurd Cohen testimony last week. In the end, he and they suffered. Trump had a bump in the polls of about 1 point. So much for that tomfoolery.

Remember, too, that they are led by two buffons – Nancy Pelosi and AOC. Pelosi often stumbles over her words (does she drink?) and AOC just stumbles over policy. Do they think anyone wants their Green New Deal? No energy, no planes, no beef, no ice cream, revamping every house and approximating an ungodly $93 trillion.

Yet, they soldier on with it.
This week they particularly outdid themselves.
First there was the resolution to condemn anti Semitism. They couldn’t even pass that because it would offend Muslim Rep. Omar so they watered it down to condemn hatred. Keep up with this and you’ll lose all your Jewish voters, Dems.

Then they went after our voting rights. The HR 1 that they passed has no chance of becoming law. McConnell won’t consider it in the Senate and President Trump would veto it.

And who wouldn’t? In it, illegals can vote as can felons, even if their crime was voter fraud! Then more than 50% of them voted to lower the voting age to 16.

Look what one Rep. tweeted:

And a sixteen year old can barely drive a car, obsesses over Instagram and life on the phone, hasn’t lived outside of their parents’ home and many have not even had a job.
Not what our Founders considered worthy of voting.

Fortunately one Tennessean saw the sham:

He reflects Tennessee values, not like our Rep. Cohen.

You know it’s a bad bill when Steve Cohen endorses it. Here’s what he said: “On Friday, I voted for, and the House passed, H.R. 1, the For the People Act to help restore our democracy and reduce the influence of big money in politics which I was proud to cosponsor. The comprehensive measure addresses important priorities by: providing for automatic voter registration, preventing inappropriate voter roll purges; restoring voting rights to those who have served out their felony sentences; reforming the campaign finance system, ensuring disclosures about online political ads; and prohibiting Members of Congress from serving on corporate boards or using taxpayer funds to settle employment discrimination complaints. The bill also requires candidates for president and vice president to release 10 years of tax returns, closes loopholes for lobbyists and foreign agents and institutes a code of ethics for the Supreme Court. It passed by a vote of 234 to 193.”
Call it “For the Democrats Act” because that is what it is.

What he doesn’t tell us is that we the voters would be paying for the candidates’ campaigns. How much would that eat up? Are you willing to pay for AOC’s reelection?

Automatic voter registration actually takes away our rights. You have the right not to vote and you shouldn’t be forced to be registered. Not voting is also a vote and a statement. (One I may make in our upcoming mayoral election which just pits clown against clown.)
You know what purging voter rolls is. It’s like a stake in a vampire’s heart. Dems can’t win without some amount of fraud.

As for releasing tax returns, that’s so obviously an attempt to hurt Trump that it doesn’t need commenting. We all get it. They are intent on finding a crime somewhere in the family’s background.
A code of ethics for the Supreme Court? What does that mean? Ensuring they will always reject right to life votes? A way to dump conservative justices they don’t want? Probably.

The guys in the movie Animal House behaved better than these Democrats.

And vote them out in November 2020.

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