OAN Steps Up

Once again, One America News has promoted an event for the border wall. They will broadcast this tomorrow.
Recently they held a very informative townhall with some of the same people concerning immigration. It’s a bold and good move by the conservative network that excels in news coverage in my opinion.

Neil W. McCabe is the kind of old fashioned, thorough, accurate and pro America reporter we used to have. He’s not a pretty face/talking head. He does the grunt work and it shows in the quality of his reporting.

I hope this network gets on more cable systems besides Direct TV and Direct TV Now. It’s more reliably conservative than Fox News. Its two evening programs, The Daily Ledger and Tipping Point, have hosts who let guests talk. They do not restrict them to two minute sound bites. Both hosts, Graham Ledger and Liz Wheeler, show a knowledge of current topics with an injection of Constitutional awareness.

They are a breath of fresh air and much needed in today’s media.

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