A Game of Chicken

I was astounded to learn a few months back that the British will not buy American chicken.

It has been a hot issue there, while completely ignored by the American press. Imagine that!

In all trade negotiations with Britain, the U.S. is continually rebuffed when it comes to Colonel Sanders’ favorite item.

Why do they cry foul over are America’s fowl? We seem to do fine with our birds here.

The Brits are worried about the chlorine dip American chicken takes when it is processed. Chlorinated chicken frightens them. Brits have become convinced that a drop of chlorine in the water will cause them cancer or God knows what.

The other night I watched a British show, Food Unwrapped (which I guess we ripped off for the Food Network). It concerned Brexit and whether there would be “chaos at the checkout” as Brits scramble to have enough food, should Brexit ever take place.

“Experts” had no consensus on what would happen – Armageddon or just another trading day. But the show did zero in on chicken, once again asking whether they should take American chicken. It would be cheaper and there would be a steady supply.

Since British TV is owned by the government, you can guess what the conclusion was. However, it was interesting to see their arguments.

The show visited a lab where a technician took two pieces of chicken. One he dipped in a chlorinated solution, the other he did not. He introduced salmonella and put each in a petri dish. After some time had passed he showed the one that had not been dipped was awash in salmonella. The chlorinated one was 98% free of it, but there were a few dots.

The conclusion they reached? It was better to use the non chlorinated chicken than the chlorinated one. The scientist said the samples in the chlorinated one had a version that had produced stronger versions of the salmonella. Say what?

Was the viewer to believe him or his/her lying eyes?

They then went to a chicken farm where the owner insisted that he had cleaner chickens than we do. Probably true, but he couldn’t produce enough to feed their nation. No one can using that method. In fact, Britain can only provide about half the food it needs at all.

While we in the States can’t prevent salmonella outbreak in chicken 100%, we haven’t had that many cases of it among 300 million plus people. It’s popped up more in romaine lettuce than chicken because the migrants who work the fields often poop in them and don’t wash their hands before they get back to picking romaine.

Food Unwrapped also contemplated that absence of avocados on British tables, should Brexit happen and be disastrous. Currently, the UK imports avocados from Spain. The crew visited a grower who bemoaned that he could lose 25% of his exports to the UK. Why? What would Brexit do to him?

Also, why couldn’t Britain import avocados from Mexico or the U.S.? The explanation was that it would take a month for the product to get there. Really? That seems ridiculous in today’s world of air freight.

No wonder they can’t get Brexit done. The UK is a country dragged down by pseudo science and political correctness.

They may chicken out on Brexit, which would be a shame for a once great nation.

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