Cohen Misleads

Our representative to Congress, Steve Cohen, appeared on MSNBC yesterday to comment on Attorney General William Barr’s summation of Mueller’s report.

Once again he proved what an embarrassment he is to our city.

Breitbart reports that “Cohen said, ‘First Mueller was not making a traditional prosecutorial judgment. Those are very interesting words. And then as you well said, he did not draw a conclusion one way or the other on obstruction. It does not draw that conclusion. It also does not exonerate the president.’”

Right off the bat he’s misleading. Mueller was special counsel; he wasn’t appointed chief prosecutor. As such, it is not his job to exonerate anyone. Cohen knows this. He’s being disingenuous.

Then Cohen continued, “They said there was no collusion, but there was obstruction. That’s important. The people’s House needs to know and it the people’s House needs to have the complete report so that we can have hearings on this issue and pass laws to protect the American public.”

Appears he’s contradicting what he just said – “he did not draw a conclusion one way or the other on obstruction.” Now there “was obstruction”?

Barr, who is the final arbiter on obstruction as AG, denies that it exists. A rational person asks how there could be obstruction when the process was never stopped or inhibited by President Trump. Or how there could be obstruction of a non crime?

Also, the complete report should not be made public. Cohen knows this, too. Anyone who was called to a Grand Jury or investigated was questioned under the promise of secrecy and discretion. To violate that would be illegal.

And what laws would he pass to protect the American people in this instance? He sure isn’t interested in protecting the people from illegal immigration or radical Islamic terrorism.

Cohen doesn’t stop. He concludes that Barr “was appointed by Donald Trump after he decided Jeff Sessions wasn’t his Roy Cohn; he wasn’t his ace attorney looking out for him, not for the country, not for justice. Bill Barr was put in there for a reason. I don’t doubt he went to a group like the Federalist Society that picked his judges and said, ‘find me my Roy Cohn.’ For him to make that statement, Mueller wasn’t part of it. Mueller wasn’t part of that decision that says we’re not coming to a conclusion of obstruction, that is what Mueller said. They come to the conclusion, nothing there. Well, Barr is there because he’s appointed by Trump, he’s not elected by the people, and you can put very little credence in what he’s saying. He is a Trump appointee put in to protect Trump and why they put him in. There’s just too much out there for the American public to let this go. We need all the facts. There needs to be transparency. There needs to be a release of the entire document.”

Cohen can’t resist referring to Roy Cohn, who was counsel to Joe McCarthy during the hearings on Communists in the U.S. Cohn did do some work for Trump; does that mean guilt by association? The Left loves to bring up Cohn as a big bugaboo. Then Cohen tries to smear the Federalist Society, which has become another bugarbear for the Left, even though it consists of highly honorable intellectuals.

Cohen likes to savage Barr. Barr became confirmed by the Senate in a completely legal appointment. No, the AG is not elected by the people. Do Dems want to change that, too?

When a Democrat talks about transparency, it’s always political. It’s a one way mirror as we all know.

Maybe he’ll get his wish on the transparency. Trump could release all the documents he has and that would be devastating for the Dems.

Be careful what you wish for, Cohen.

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