How to Push Back

We’ve all been there. A loudmouth liberal starts attacking Republicans, conservatives and President Trump, sometimes punching a finger into your chest as he/she pontificates.

Sometimes we’re at a loss, not expecting confrontation and not welcoming it either.

On those occasions when you are cornered and dragged into an argument by a liberal/progressive/democrat, don’t forget the ammunition you need to punch back.

Politely, of course, although I find most of these incidents come unprovoked by conservatives. Now that the Mueller report has been a flop for them, angry Dems may feel like lashing out, so beware. Libs rage that Trump lies, Trump was guilty, Trump is a racist, etc.

Jack Hellner at American Thinker gives a good list of talking points to hit back:

Obama and others continually lied to the public, through the media, to get Obamacare passed — and Trump is unfit?
Obama used the IRS to stifle the free speech and freedom of association rights of political opponents — and Trump is unfit?
Obama and his Justice Department, EPA and CFPB shook down corporations and set up slush funds for political purposes and supporters.
Obama and Hillary left people to die in Benghazi while concocting a lie that they told to the public and the families of those who died.
Obama dictatorially and unconstitutionally implemented DACA when he couldn’t get it through Congress.
Obama sent Ben Rhodes and others out to the media with lies to get the Iran deal done.
Obama dictatorially stooped the Justice Department from continuing an investigation into drug running by terrorists to appease Iran.
Obama unconstitutionally stole taxpayer funds from other sources to cover up shortfalls in Obamacare.
Obama abused his power tremendously to protect Hillary, her aides and others, including himself, from prosecution while targeting Trump with massive taxpayer resources.

I’ll add that there is the Fast and Furious gun running that ended in the death of agent Brian Terry.
Then there’s the photo of illegal immigrant kids in cages – that was from 2014 in the Obama administration, yet Trump gets the blame for policies Obama enforced.
Remember his overheard comment to Putin’s underling to tell “Vlad” he’d have more freedom to work with him after the 2012 election?
How about Obama’s acknowledging that there was a crisis on our border with illegal immigrants?
Remember, too, how Obama had a different opinion of abortion and gay marriage during the 2008 campaign, but flipped easily to the other side once he was president. Wasn’t that a lie?
Hellner also reminds us that the media is unfit, too:

Repeated the continuous lies about Russian collusion and obstruction with no evidence, especially the ones at CNN, WP, NYT, NBC and MSNBC.
Set out to destroy Judge Kavanaugh with no evidence.
Ginned up racial hate against Trump, to this day, for his comments in Charlottesville, VA that were clearly talking about the statue issue.
Ginned up racial hate using White Christian boys. It is truly a shame how many people the media is willing to destroy suing fake news.
Ginned up racial hate with a fake hate crime hoax in Chicago.
Ginned up racial hate with the fake hands up don’t shoot narrative.
Ginned up racial hate against Trump for saying exactly the same things Obama and others said about illegal aliens and supporting a wall that Democrats previously supported.
Cheered as Mueller and his cabal set out to destroy people surrounding Trump even when there was never any evidence of collusion.

Then at the American Spectator, George Parry asks these questions about the Mueller probe:

The logical starting point of any Trump-Russia collusion investigation would be the Steele dossier. So, did Team Mueller, in or out of the grand jury, investigate or interrogate Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, or the Clinton campaign and DNC operatives who paid for the dossier?

Did the investigation delve into the FBI and Department of Justice’s use of the dossier to obtain FISA warrants to intercept the communications of Trump campaign associate Carter Page? Did they investigate those who drafted, verified, and submitted the misleading and false-by-omission FISA applications?

Did they investigate or question former FBI Special Agent and Team Mueller staffer Peter Strzok, former FBI lawyer and Team Mueller staffer Lisa Page, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, or other government officials to determine if they or anyone else participated in an effort to spy on the Trump campaign or to overthrow the Trump presidency?

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