Leftists Target Judge

Yesterday’s CA ran an aggressive story about Judge Jim Lammey. It accused him of being a racist, holocaust denier and anti immigration advocate.

Whenever I see something like that I immediately wonder if the Soros machine is not behind it. That may seem a stretch, but Soros has enough money to trickle down to city judges. He definitely has a movement to vote out all conservative, Constitution loving District Attorneys. Kim Fox of the Jussie Smollett fiasco is one of his hand picked DAs. You see what she’s like.

It’s also a Saul Alinsky tactic to find a target, freeze it, tag it and make fun of it. That’s what’s going on.

The CA followed up today with another story attacking Lammey, this one basically asking Democrats to comb through all conservative elected officials’ facebook and twitter posts to see if they can hang the racist term on them.

Interestingly, the response to this on facebook backed the judge, as this one shows. Lammey writes his thanks and then reprints the comment and others:

Some of you may have seen in the Commercial Appeal the article written about The Honorable Judge Jim Lammey of Shelby County Criminal Court Division V. To say the article is an unfair characterization is an understatement. I have known Judge Lammey for over 20 years, first as an Assistant District Attorney and then as a Judge.
As a prosecutor he was fair and consistent in his assessment and handling of cases. We settled many cases including murder and other serious felonies. His ability to consider the applicable law and the facts always resulted in a fair outcome—more often better than some defendants’ criminal history warranted. The many victims of violent crimes that he used his trial skills protecting surely remain grateful for his tenacity and zeal in standing for their rights. When he decided to run for Judge without hesitation I gave him my unfettered support.
As a Judge, he has maintained the characteristics that led the public to elect him. His policies of allowing prosecutors to agree with front end probation is a continuation of his belief and trust that the Assistant District Attorneys can be trusted to weigh the facts and the law in reaching a fair settlement of cases. I have witnessed him grant time-cuts to those repeat offenders that come back before him praying for mercy. I’ve seen his compassion when these folks present him with certificates of completion of rehabilitative programs at the correctional center and his willingness to give them a second chance—more often, a third, fourth and fifth chance.
I might add that most of these clients are African Americans.
This article attempts to paint Judge Lammey as an unfair racist because of his policy of following the rule of law. Requiring illegal aliens to register with the department of immigration is the law. He owes no apology for that.
The article demeans the character of the man I have experienced for 20 years that has ruled against me many times—but never in an unjust manner.
This reporter doesn’t know the family man and patriot Jim Lammey is. He has raised four God fearing children that support our country and exemplify the qualities he possesses. His family has experienced tragedy and overcome adversities few could endure.
I only wish this coward of a reporter would have taken the time to investigate the true man in the black robe.
The article implies that Judge Lammey is a holocaust denier. For those that know him, you know that he is a learned reader of history both US and world. Don’t believe me? I challenge anyone to stop by his chambers (where everybody is welcomed) and open a discussion on any subject of world affairs.
I personally read the majority of the Judge’s Facebook posts and rarely ever does he express his personal opinion regarding articles he shares. Often debates are sparked between commenters on the posts and he remains silent. The posts are mostly about the current state of affairs in our country and illegal immigration is one of many. He never claims to agree or accept as true the content of all posts although it’s his God given right to do so.
The article paints a much different picture. He is the Judge of a Court of record. Everything he says or does in a criminal case is there for the world to see. The system has a checks and balances method of correcting him if he’s wrong.
For the record, if it is not abundantly clear, I support Judge Lammey. Political affiliation I have always stated has never impacted my dealings with any of our Criminal Court Judges. I believe we have the most experienced trial court judges in the country. Each is unique but their collective experiences is unparalleled. I’ve known all ten and considering the magnitude of serious cases they have dealt with while being judge and before taking the bench, I wouldn’t trade a single one.

Here are more comments:

“I served on a jury in Judge Lammey’s court. He was fair and impartial. Helped greatly in explaining the law and making it clear to the jury what our responsibilities were. Given another opportunity to serve in his courtroom again and I would jump at the chance.”
“I knew Jim Lammey when he was a prosecutor and I worked in some of the courts where he worked. I always thought he conducted himself as he should. I helped him in his first election and will help again, if he asks. We need more judges like him.”

“I’ve read and commented on many of his posts, and I’ve never seen any race related comments whatsoever. I have known Jim Lammey since high school. He is a man of integrity!!”
“What a wonderful characterization of Judge Lammey. A great American, husband, Christian,father, and son.”
“Hang in there Jim. We have your back”

“I saw the article….i’ve been mad all day! Jimmy is a good man of high integrity. Praying people see the man I’ve known since we were kids.”

“Reporters don’t care about full investigation…the article got clicks.”

“We have known Jimmy since high school. Anyone who knows Jim KNOWS what a good fair man he is and has always been. Shame on the reporter for tryin to impure his character. He is a fine man, father, brother, husband , judge and NOT what was being portrayed. Ask anyone who knows him.”

“Jimmy I’m appalled. You are a great guy!! A good friend and a great judge. How anyone could think you would do anything less than abide by the law is beyond me. You have our support. Thank you for all you do.”

“Jim Lammey is a strong man (needs to be in his job!) of high character. I go to church with Jim who is a faithful Christian and family man. I know he regularly seeks God’s help and direction. There may be some judges with issues but Jim Lammey’s only issues are finding justice and fairness. People like Jim, much less justices like Jim, are hard to come by. Any haranging about this man is sadly misplaced.”

“One person being critical is Steve Mulroy who might be the biggest jerk in all of Shelby County.
Steve Mulroy might want to reconsider his criticism.”

“I was just talking to some of the peeps on my dart team last week about what a good/fair by the law Judge Jim Lammey is. I will personally and the whole Arnold family will tell anyone that he is a Good man and Judge ! Don’t listen to the BS…. I hot your back Judge !!!”

“Bias media. Wonder who is pulling the reporter’s strings. Is there a political move going on?”

“I can attest to your unbiased and fair demeanor from day one as a prosecutor to criminal court judge.”

“And the Commercial Unappeal wonders why readership and subscriptions are dropping off. They have to try to create controversy to sell a paper. Losers.”

“Notifying ICE of convicted illegal aliens is part of the job. Absurd criticism!”
“Thanks Jimmy for your outstanding work. If we had more with your abilities and hard work, the world would be a better place. I’ve know this family for years and never had one bad thing said or insinuated about them. Stand strong Jimmy. It’s a sad world we live in and we need more like you.”
“Jim Lammey I have known you ever since I moved here to TN I have always found you to be a honorable man. Keep your head up.”
“The Commercial Appeal is a liberal newspaper that will do anything to sell a paper. The reporters are biased and most people only buy it to read the obituaries which includes the CA. Judge Lammey is a
respected, admired and loved person in Shelby County.”
“I do not read the Appeal for the such as bias news, as most news is today. Most all news is strictly propaganda and lacks facts and truth… Where is the nonpartisan news??? Now do I need to read this trashy article about Jim ? A man of Christ and Honor who offers great value to his family and our community. Peace Be With You +++”
“Jim Lammey needs to be our next mayor.”
“I support you, Jim Lammey. Continue to stand up for your beliefs and values! 🇺🇸😊”
“I too will add my vote to his character. As a court reporter who worked with him both before and after he took the bench admire him for a job well done. He goes by the law at all times and gives people multiple chances to correct their way of life. I am so sorry he was given a review by someone who does not know him or been in his courtroom to observe him.”
“Agree. More Fake False news”
“Well said. I’ve seen him action, nothing be respectful, and doing the job he was hired to do. Keep up the good work Judge.”

“I, too, would like to thank Scott Hall for bringing this to my attention. Jim Lammey, during the 10 or so years I practiced criminal defense in Memphis, was one of the most open-minded and fair judges before which I had the pleasure of practicing criminal or otherwise. My clients comprised a melange of colors, creeds, ethnicities, and yes, political persuasions. In every instance, he acted with proper decorum, forethought, and respect. He demonstrated and still demonstrates an increasing rare set of abilities: even application of the law and an impartial assessment of the merits or demerits of the matter at hand. Based upon some of the comments I’ve read on social media and other outlets, Jim Lammey, in the execution of his sworn duties, exhibits another skill that’s in short supply–the ability to disregard extraniety before casting judgment.”

Whenever any ugly allegation like this occurs, you have to ask yourself who benefits? Obviously, the anti American left/Dems/Progressives. It made seem odd that they work all the way down to the judicial level, but they are obsessed. They are determined to stop the country from being what it is supposed to be.

We can expect more.

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