Make Them Look in the Mirror

It is always astounding to see the hypocrisy of the Left. Ever notice that whatever evil they do, Democrats point to Republicans and childishly say look at what they’re doing? They always use deflection to cover their hypocrisy happily helped by their handmaids, the media.

Want to fight back? I saw this list by Mick O’Rourke at American Thinker. It occurs to me that it would be awfully handy to pull out when a Dem/Leftist/Progressive starts virtue signaling. If you are about to get hit by their moralizing at family gatherings (such as Mother’s Day), meetings with friends, etc., run this by them. It is indisputable.

“The most recent attempts of the left to play the part of public virtue police recalls an almost infinite treasury of liberal hypocrisy:

Demanding that private businesses (like Christian bakeries) be forced to violate their convictions of conscience by baking homosexual “wedding” cakes (though not critiquing Islamic or homosexual bakeries for similar practices) while defending other “private” businesses (like Facebook) censoring or de-platforming whomever they wish
Insisting that the government be allowed to regulate the most nitpicking minutiae of private life, down to how many ounces of soda you can drink, while equally insisting that the same government should never interfere in “private” decisions about your body (like, say, a woman extinguishing the life of her offspring in utero)
Lambasting the “violence” of “hate speech” (i.e., speech that dissents from leftist dogma) while assaulting restaurant patrons for wearing MAGA hats
Demanding that American taxpayers freely allow aliens to illegally cross into their communities, and blasting those who disagree as “racists,” while themselves choosing to live in predominantly white, low-immigrant areas; building expansive walls around their own homes; and steadfastly refusing to open their own properties to immigrants when asked.
Pretending to be great lovers of “science” if it seems to support leftist dogma like climate change while completely ignoring or denying what science has to say about the innate biological differences between the sexes or about the beginnings of life in the womb
Confidently asserting that homosexual desires are fixed and unchangeable, such that laws must be made preventing homosexuals who voluntarily seek to change from doing so, while also asserting that fixed and immutable biological traits (like possessing a Y chromosome) are totally fluid and changeable merely by “identifying” as a woman
Decrying the state-sponsored execution of guilty murderers, rapists, and terrorists while celebrating and promoting the state-sponsored execution of innocent unborn (and now even born!) children
Urging that we “await all the evidence” before dismissing obvious hoaxes (e.g., Jussie Smollet’s staged “hate crime”) while rushing to (false) judgment when the narrative fits preconceived biases (e.g., “racist” Catholic high school students allegedly “oppressing” American Indian veterans)
Forming the vanguard of an alleged resurgence in sexual mores and propriety toward women via the “Me Too” movement while also allowing its Hollywood branch to continue pumping out a steady stream of foul and semi-pornographic filth that largely created and sustains the very rape-and-smut culture they now claim to decry
Denouncing political commentary as causing “violence” against Democratic politicians, then quietly ignoring similar condemnations after shootings against Republican congressmen (committed by a Bernie Sanders–supporter)
Focusing keen media attention on (extremely rare) incidents of terrorism directed against mosques (particularly when there is any slight hope of pinning the blame on a right-winger) while studiously ignoring actual genocide committed worldwide against Christians, especially to avoid drawing attention to the Islamic origins of such genocide
Obsessively fixating on suppressing “hateful ideology” that leads to “violence” while fostering a new mold of political representatives who now openly advocate for socialism (Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), an ideology that has claimed 100 million lives
Denouncing non-leftist politicians who use filthy words in private but preparing to support and vote for leftist politicians who commit filthy actions, like fondling women and even children in public (and on camera)
Insisting on the provision of “safe spaces” for adult college students who may be “triggered” or threatened by hearing ideas which differ from their own while denying those same safe spaces in the form of single-sex locker rooms for minor students who may be threatened by actions from those with nefarious intentions
Forever attempting to restrict citizens’ rights to defend themselves with firearms, while ensuring that their own political and celebrity leadership always be flanked by heavily armed security”

I would have to add to the point about Smollett and the Covington Catholics, Justice Kavanaugh’s ordeal on unproved accusations. Innocent til proved guilty, except when it’s someone who they don’t like.

And what of Harvey Weinstein? He was lambasted by Me, Too people, but walks free without much consequence. Where are the protestors?

Lefties want to adhere to the law when it comes to the Russia hoax, yet want AG Barr to break it and reveal the redactions of grand jury testimony – a clear violation of their own law.

Then there’s Hillary, who broke the law in smashing her blackberry and in having a private email server. Totally illegal, but OK when it’s her.
There are countless other examples.
Surprise a liberal. They expect us to roll over and take their guff. Time to give back. Here are some tools.

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