Weirich in the Crosshairs

You may have noticed the concerted effort lately in the CA to target certain conservative office holders in Memphis. Don’t think it’s any accident that they are going after Judge Lammey and Amy Weirich.

Soros and other liberal funded organizations are particularly interested in going after Republican AGs. They figure they can easily pick off conservative ones throughout the country. No city is too small or insignificant for them to try and oust. After all, it’s easy to smear and get the local media people to do it for you. Once you control the legal apparatus of an area you determine what direction it takes.

Our AG, Amy Weirich, has been attacked by the CA frequently in the past. But lately they’ve upped their game.

I particularly laughed at the story splashed across the top of the front page on Saturday. It read “DA: No charges against MPD officers.” Right away it indicts Weirich as an uncaring individual who backs police even when someone is killed by one. That’s a narrative liberals love to promote.

Proof of this is in the hilarious fourth paragraph, that reads, “Help us power more stories like this. Become a subscirber (sic) today.” Copy editor anyone? Obviously that was a mistake, but a Freudian one. They have decided their mission is to take down people they differ with, not deliver the truth.

Saturday’s smear was followed by another one Sunday. About two thirds of the Viewpoint section front page concerned a book called “Charged” by Emily Bazelon. The headline below it reads “Book doesn’t flatter Weirich.” Funny how this just happened to be reviewed now and splashed across the Viewpoint, not lesser read book review section.

The “guest columnist” reviewer is Josh Spickler. The book, he says, “features two elected prosecutors from two very different communities to highlight contrasting approaches to crime and punishment. Shelby County’s current elected District Attorney is one of them, and unfortunately, it is not a flattering comparison.”
Spickler loves the sound of his own voice as he goes on to detail how much the criminal justice system costs. He complains that “our local criminal legal system is a thick web of people and process, and it incarcerates and spends at rates many times the national average. In fact, Shelby County’s criminal justice budgets and jail population are bigger than they have ever been, while crime rates continue to decline.”

Isn’t the crime rate decline what we want? Is it a surprise that the cost of it keeps climbing? Our local judges can’t stop the juveniles who do a lot of the crime because the liberals just want to keep letting them out.

Spickler brings up the Noura Jackson charge concerning Weirich’s “improper remarks” and contrasts her approach to crime with that in Brooklyn. Excuse me, but is New York really the model we want to follow? It has had an explosion of crime since DeBlasio took over.

His main criticism is that Weirich rejects implementing a “conviction integrity unit.” She answered “We have not. Our entire office is a conviction integrity unit.”
Makes perfect sense.

Sounds like Spickler loves to throw around progressive phrases that are nothing but gobbeldygook.

Accompanying this story is a picture of Weirich in 2018. Not surprisingly it isn’t a flattering one.

Be on the lookout for more stories targeting Weirich. They want her out and a Democrat in. They’ll do whatever it takes to sway the electorate.

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