Who Is Spickler?

The reviewer of the anti Weirich book is Josh Spickler. He’s described as “a former assistant Shelby County public defender and executive director of Just City, a Memphis advocacy group that works on criminal justice issues.”

Don’t you ever wonder where all the money comes from to provide for liberal groups like this and sprinkle them throughout the city?

Tedxmemphis, another national liberal sponsoring group, describes Just city as “An advocacy organization pursuing smarter criminal justice policies for Memphis and Tennessee. Far too often, a person’s path through the criminal justice system is determined by wealth, and the burdens of that involvement can persist for a lifetime. In only two years, Just City has helped change Tennessee law, making it easier and more affordable to seal a criminal record and get a second chance. Just City continues to focus on areas in the criminal justice system, like expungement, bail, and driver licensing, where poverty is a barrier to justice.

“Josh speaks publicly and works with local and national media to tell stories about public defense and criminal justice reform. He believes none of us should be defined by the worst thing we’ve ever done.”

He’s a supporter of Elizabeth Warren and Tami Sawyer. He has joined in the targeting of Judge Lammey. Take a look at his twitter feed and you’ll get a gut full of progressive gibberish.

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