Truth Stranger Than My Fiction

A previous post, “Of Me I Sing,”  satirized Obama’s new children’s book about American heroes. Such people as Saul Alinsky, Benedict Arnold and Bill Ayers seem like the most likely heroes in Obama’s anti American world view.

Come to find out, the satire was truer to reality than I realized.

No, he didn’t name the above people. But some of  his choices are almost as disturbing when you’re talking about young minds   having to read this propagandist drivel.

Sitting Bull gets a high five from the Commander in Chief because of his “stunning victory in 1876 over Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer in the battle of the Little Big Horn.” When I said Obama would applaud Benedict Arnold for taking over West Point for the British, it was spot on. Obama likes it when the American military suffers a defeat.  He continues, “Sitting Bull spoke out and led his people against many policies of the United States government.” As I noted, violence against the American people gets a yawn or applause from the president. ” He was a medicine man who healed broken hearts and broken promises,” Obama says. “It is fine that we are different.”

So different in fact, that he wasn’t even an American. Sitting Bull “was the most Indian Indian,” says historian Robert Utley. Even Sitting Bull’s great grandson disapproves of the pick. “He was never an American,” he says.  “He was Lakota.”

I guess the American qualification just doesn’t matter to Obama as seen in another pick. Cesar Chavez, the activist and founder of the United Farm Workers, sounds like a choice for the illegal immigrant and union population. However, as with Bill Ayers, perhaps he felt he owed him one. As Ayers is often called the true author of  Obama’s “Dreams from my Father,” Chavez coined the phrase “si se puede.” In English, “yes it can be done” a phrase mightily close to “Yes We Can.”

Most of us wouldn’t consider a heroin addict, alcoholic who brought about her own demise as a role model either. That’s why his choice of singer Billie Holiday seems odd, too. Perhaps he saw “Lady Sings the Blues” a few too many times.

The title of the book also happens to be the title of  a famous American musical. “Of  Thee I Sing” has been called the greatest American political satire ever. It won a Pulitzer, which is not surprising when you consider it was a collaboration  between the Gershwin brothers and writer George S. Kaufman. Can’t the president ever come up with anything on his own?

Obama candies his digs by allocating the royalties to help the children of fallen or disabled servicemen. This fits his profile, too. Hide your real meaning behind something seemingly beneficial.

Let’s hope he ends his book writing career – at least til his one term is over.

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