Advice for Shelby GOP

It’s obvious to all but the blind and deaf that the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives in our city are on the march.

They won big in last year’s elections. They want to win even bigger in next year’s. Will we let them?

It sometimes feels that the local GOP did not get the message from Trump’s election. Americans wanted someone more forceful. Someone who would fight for them. Someone who would hit back instead of the McCain/Romney strategy of being “nice” and not bringing up anything challenging for their opponent.

We’re like that here, too. Whenever one of ours gets attacked – say like DA Amy Weirich and Judge Lammey – no one ever gives them support. We just slink away, confirming the charge of racism, homophobism, whatever -ism that is handiest at the time.

None of the local Democrats – and there are some doozies – gets attacked. Look at the local DNC chair. He’s got a lot of legal and ethical problems, enough to upset even his fellow Dems. Does anyone criticize him from our side? No.

Add to that a lot of the other odious politicians they have. Tami Sawyer is allowed to hit us any time. She is dangerously angry and liberal. She could be mayor or our Congress person anytime in the future unless she’s stopped. Yet no one ever comes back at the hatred she spews against Republicans.

When someone in the DNC is attacked, the party sends out angry letters asking for donations. Does that ever happen with us? What about emails alerting Republicans here of what’s happening? This needs to happen on the state level as well as the local.

Why isn’t a greater effort made to sign up people to Shelby GOP? Couldn’t a few ads or billboards be done? Couldn’t someone work on publicity for local events here?

Then there is opposition research. Why isn’t it done? Is it too dirty or messy for us? Some of the most successful elected officials do it. Many of us remember Lee Atwater at the national level. He helped Bush 41 win in 1988. He didn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

No one in the media is going to tell Memphians of the shenanigans the Dems do or their outrageous proposals. Stop wishing for it and do it yourselves. Surely a committee could be made up to comb facebook and twitter for some of the Dems’ remarks. They do it to us. Look at Judge Lammey. It can be taken out of context, but that doesn’t matter. The smear sticks.

I know it’s always easy to suggest things from the sidelines. But, clearly, what we are doing now is not working.

There’s a lot to lose in the 2020 election. Do we want to end up like Seattle or San Francisco? It wouldn’t be amiss to suggest that possibility.

We need more Trump here, not less. We need an infusion of his savvy, brashness and offense tactics. Why go to the polls for a Democrat lite? We need to assert our Republican values. Will it happen? I don’t know. But we need to try.

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