Ford Jr. to Obama: You’re Fumbling

Harold Ford Jr.
Harold Ford Jr.

Our own Harold Ford Jr., fresh from his triumphant book tour, has an article in “Fortune” with advice for the president.

“At the half-time of Obama’s first term, our country is down – and so is my party,” writes Ford. He continues, urging Barack Obama to make some half-time adjustments.

“The most important thing our leader can do is to push the reset button with business and not raise taxes on companies in a time of economic hardship.”

In other words, Obama, you’re making a mess of it. Funny how Ford personalizes it to “his” party (vs. Obama’s? Pelosi’s? Reid’s?).  And funny how the Democrats seem to have an obsession with a “reset” button. Remember Hillary and her lame reset button with Russia? What kind of sitcom world are they living in? Can you just wiggle your nose as in “Bewitched” and make everyone forget what happened before then? Are they serious?

Anyhow, Ford continues with the Dear Abby. Number 2 on his list: “Order his (Obama’s) department heads and agency chiefs to declare a  moratorium on new regulations until further notice.” The chairman of the Democrat Leadership Council wants Obama to “ask the GOP to accept a nine month extension on unemployment benefits for the hardest hit by this downturn.”

Nine more months? On top of 99 weeks? As Jack Kemp said, there’s a difference between unemployment as a safety net and a hammock. This advice seems double-edged as it would certainly make the unemployment number climb and undercut Obama in the 2012 election.

Ford continues, urging Obama to make sure Congress keeps his health care reforms and he says we need a strong oil and gas industry. That, too, might be hard to implement since Obama seems to enjoy shutting down oil production in the Gulf and other places off the coast of the United States.

Ford also wants Obama to get new people on the team. He interprets the November election as meaning Americans don’t want an us vs. them mentality, but an us and them cooperation.

If that’s what he thinks the November tsunami was all about, then no wonder he was the only Democrat Senate candidate to lose in the Democrat thumping in 2006.

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