Debate Round 2

I was unable to watch the Democrat debates.

Not because of any time constraint, previous commitments or health reasons. Well, maybe health reasons. Mental health. It is distressing to see these fanatics who could change our beloved nation into a third world hell hole just because they want power. Their radical ideas are like a virus. I don’t want to give them any opportunity to infect me.

But, there is twitter. At least for now. The conservatives who did watch had interesting comments that best all the political analyses cable and network TV foist upon us.

Here are a few.

Many picked upon Biden’s first words. Greg Gutfeld: “did joe biden say his first thing to do as president is defeat donald trump?” Raymond Arroyo, too: “Asked what he would do on his first day as President, @JoeBiden answered: “Defeat Donald Trump.” Uhhhh.”

Yes, that’s pure Biden.

Pat Sajak said what a lot of us were thinking, “This could be worse. It could be a dinner party and I could be there.”

Liz Wheeler of OAN summed up: “Kamala Harris won Joe Biden is old Bernie’s a nut Buttigieg spoke Spanish & not Norwegian? C’mon Gillibrand’s rude Nobody knows what Bennett’s talking about Hickenlooper who? Williamson’s recruiting for her cult Swalwell wants to carry a torch Yang is a boss for not wearing a tie.”
Jack Posobiec from the same network noticed, “I’m from Pennsylvania I’m a Veteran I’m a gun owner I’m a Christian I’m a father and a husband And not one of these Democrats is trying to represent people like us.”

That seems to be lost on the DNC.

From Robert J. O’Neill: “Watching the debate. Remember: You can vote socialism in. You’ll need to shoot your way out.”
Trump strategist Brad Parsale: “Free college. Free health care. Free houses. Free cars. Free boats. Free airplanes. Free ice cream. Nobody has to work! Everyone just gets everything for FREE! Amazing! Democrats have invented the money tree! 🌲 😲”
Dilbert creator and commentator Scott Adams declared “Harris is the big winner. Biden is the big loser. Bernie broke even. Yang failed to make a mark. Buttigieg looked the smartest but “not ready.” Others not so relevant.”

Abby Johnson who is the protagonist in the movie about Planned Parenthood said, “Just an FYI, @SenGillibrand. I am a woman who is profoundly against abortion. Stop pretending to speak for me or any other women. You don’t. Your immorality is your own.”
“This debate is a wind farm,” was another comment from Gutfeld.
Senator Lindsey Graham wrote, “Two nights in this is becoming @realDonaldTrump’s election to lose. Democrats are on the path to making Trump look like George Washington. The more they talk, the better he looks.”
This post, again from Posobiec, sums it up: ““America Last” – DNC Slogan 2020”

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