Crime Hits Home

Every election year politicians promise to curb the crime that rages like a California wildfire through our city.

Every time after an election nothing happens and criminals still roam and stalk our citizens. We’re a long way from the days when Memphians didn’t even lock their doors. Now you lock your door, turn on an alarm system, protect your car with a gate, carry pepper spray, hire Phelps to tour the streets and watch your surroundings even when you take a neighborhood walk.

Cooper Young has seen a lot of crime recently. One resident wrote on Nextdoor of her attempted kidnapping. She wrote, “Hello my wonderful supportive neighbors! I think a lot of you know my story, but if not my name is Maria and I was kidnapped and escaped in Cooper Young on June 5th. Since then our neighborhood and our surrounding neighbors have been plagued with an ugly crime wave of:

“MANY Armed robberies/muggings with pistol whippings, 2 MORE attempted KIDNAPPINGS (IN CY), ARMED Car Jackings, Back yard invasions, front porch package stealing, car thefts, burglary of car contents, nightly gun shots, 1 attempted rape, ETC.
“You ALL know what’s been happening. I don’t need to say more.

“Anywho…I’m not trying to be the poster child of this BS, but a reporter reached out and accidentally found me tonight. I agreed to another interview, because I promised that I was gonna do whatever I can to change this. This interview will be on ABC 24 tonight @ 10pm”

Here it is:

The victim added, “I am so sorry, I meant to include the murder of our esteemed neighbor that happened on Poplar in the church parking lot, but thought it needed a separate paragraph.

“These crimes are UNACCEPTABLE. I pray my interview conveys this to our Mayor, Police Department and our City Councilmen and women.
“I said SO MUCH MORE, but I guess the edited for time.”

If you notice in the Channel 24 story, she says “We need people to take action right now.” There was more, but it was cut off. Looks like the station did not want to hear her criticize politicians.

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